30 July 2011

Swarovski collaborates with Sanrio, Hello Kitty

Swarovski had collaborated with Hello Kitty creator Sanrio co to display a special “House of Hello Kitty” event which was held from the 30th of June - 10th of July 2011 in Tokyo. The collection features 31 Swarovski + Hello Kitty accessories. They are available for purchase – all to benefit the Japanese Red Cross Tohoku earthquake relief. The international sales of the collection starts at the beginning of August 2011.

Everybody knows Hello Kitty, it's a global icon over the past four decades. This icon never gets old! In this picture below you can see The Limited Edition Hello Kitty. It's exclusive since only 88 pieces are available worldwide. This masterpiece features 20,000 crystals applied by hand using Swarovski’s signature technique.
Source: swarovski.com

29 July 2011

Giveaway reminder: Chunky Bling Swarovski Ring

This giveaway is closed, thank  you all for joining and the winner will be announced through email. 

This is the last day that you're able to join this giveaway. What are you waiting for? Go join this awesome giveaway and maybe you're the one who will win a lovely Swarovski ring of your choice! Unfortunately, this giveaway is only for people in the US & Canada. Please fill in the form here if you would like to join: http://www.memorable-days.net/2011/07/chunky-bling-swarovski-ring-giveaway.html.
The winner will be announced next week, good luck everybody!
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28 July 2011

Massage rollers improves blood circulation

I recently bought a massage roller for my belly and waist which improves the blood circulation. Besides, it will also make the belly and waist a bit slimmer. Well, does it really work....? I actually have no idea.. I have been using this massage roller for a week now, every day for 6 minutes, no results are visible yet, so I'm still testing it out. Have you tried any massage rollers before, did it work on you?

27 July 2011

Fascinating videos - brilliant pieces of marketing!

As some of you might know... I have a strong passion for marketing. I love to watch commercials, especially the ones that are inspiring, the ones that makes you laugh and the ones where you will say "AWESOME!". I often go to this website: http://adsoftheworld.com, which is a website where you can see creative ads around the world, hence the name of the website. Every month they will select the best commercials. I am sharing a few videos in this blogpost where you can enjoy some brilliant pieces of marketing.

Do some grocery shopping while you're waiting for the subway!
When grocery chain Tesco wanted to expand their market share in South Korea, they came up with a brilliant idea. Because the people in South Korea work long hours they thought of an efficient way to sell their products. The Korean subsidiary Home Plus put up billboards in subway stations with their range of products, accompanied by QR or Quick Response codes. All people had to do now is scan the QR codes with their cell phone and the groceries were delivered to their doorsteps. Really.. they should do this in every country lol, it would save so much time haha.
Source: adsoftheworld.com

Decode Jay Z with Bing!
Prior to the release of his autobiography, Decoded, Jay Z collaborated with Bing! to create a campaign that’s simply brilliant! The campaign set to release every page of the book and place them all over the world putting the entire biography in context. What makes this campaign special is that the pages weren’t just placed on your average billboard or bus stop. Pages were put onto a Cadillac and even stitched in to the lining of custom Gucci jackets. Bing tied every element of the campaign together, creating an online game. Clues to the locations of the pages were released via Social Media platforms and people all over the world could log onto Bing and use their search and maps functionality to find all the pages of the book.
Source: gottaquirk.com

Isn't it fascinating? These are just brilliant pieces of marketing! There are so many companies nowadays. The important thing for a company is that you need to know how to stand out!

26 July 2011

Dripping nail art tutorial

Today I would like to show you this dripping nail art tutorial. It's extremely easy and everybody can do it. It's probably my easiest tutorial. I only used 4 nail polishes (including base and top coat) for this tutorial and no tools. This nail art makes me think of the Monster energy drink... XD probably because of the black and green colors. 


25 July 2011

What's your biggest beauty & fashion disaster?

It's time for another question of the week. This week's question is: What's your biggest beauty & fashion disaster? Self tanner streaks, deodorant residue, mascara smudges, a wrong lipstick, a run in your tights, an ugly haircut etc.? Share your beauty & fashion disasters in the comment section.
Source: pictures found through google search

My answer
Beauty: Mine was probably a wrong foundation =.=" I bought the wrong color which didn't match my skin tone, I didn't notice it and just used it. However, I forgot to apply foundation on my neck, so the color difference was very noticable. My face was darker than my neck lol, totally wrong....!

Fashion: My most embarrassing one was that I wore a translucent black dress and a translucent legging lol, very BAD combination. You couldn't even see my underclothing but people kept staring and some even pointed at me because it was translucent =.=". I wore this while I was in China by the way.. People who have been in China know that they are kind of prudish there. I felt darn uncomfortable walking in that dress, so I ran back home and changed as fast as I could >_<' and I never wore that dress again. Will never forget this embarrassing moment.. x_x the end.

So tell me.. What's your biggest beauty & fashion disaster?

24 July 2011

Catrice swatches - Up in the air & Sand Francisco

I bought two nail polishes of Catrice (Ultimate Nail Lacquer) a while back. I have a large collection of Catrice nail polishes at home lol. I just love nail polishes of this brand because the colors are lovely, it's inexpensive and it's of good quality.
#530 Up in the air
Catrice has a couple of blue nail polishes in their assortment. 5 to be exact and I have 2 out of the 5. The other one that I have is called #540 Am I Blue or green, click on the name to watch a swatch of the nail polish. The nail polish Up in the air is a bit darker compared to Am I Blue or green, but it's still suitable for the summer. The color of the nail polish Up in the air is slightly different in the pictures than in real.

#450 Sand Francisco
It's not spelled wrong, it's called Sand Francisco xD. It has a sand color, hence the name ;)

23 July 2011

TALLY WEiJL - Fall Clothing Collection 2011

TALLY WEiJL is a clothing store from Switzerland and it operates in many countries, like Germany, France, Austria, China and more. They even have 9 stores in The Netherlands. Go to their website to see if there is a TALLY WEiJL store nearby your house. What I love about this store are the clothes and the prices. All clothes are affordable!

The TALLY WEiJL Fall Collection 2011 is finally out! It's a lovely collection with many casual clothing :). Some looks on their website actually makes me think of a "back to school" collection. I'm going to share a few looks of their newest collection that I like. Which look do you like the most?

[FREE] Nail Foil Stickers from Bornprettystore

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the code doesn't work anymore .... They probably gave all the 1000 pcs stickers away, so that's why the code isn't valid anymore. 
Everybody likes free stuff right? As you might know Bornprettystore has many giveaways. In this blogpost I'm going to share another product that you're able to get for free on their website! You are still able to get the free hello kitty stamping plate and the hello kitty nail stickers if you still don't have it. Go to their website for more information: Bornprettystore.com.

This time they prepared 1000 pcs of nail foil stickers for their Facebook fans. There are 16 pieces in one packaging and they are suitable for hand & toe nails. There are 106 patterns, but they will send you a random pattern (one of the 106 patterns), so you won't be able to choose which pattern you want.

22 July 2011

Bel Mondo: Bio Cellulose Mask - Skin Lightener Review

I was contacted by Bel Mondo Beauty a month ago to try out their Bio Cellulose masks that they are selling. I have been trying their skin lightener mask for 4 weeks now (1 time per week) and I have to say that I'm able to see some great effects after I've used this mask ^___^. The bio cellulose mask is very different than the normal (paper) masks that I've tried.

Bio cellulose Mask: Skin Lightener Luxury facial treatment featuring Niacinamide and Licorice Extract
The skin lightener mask is ideal for those who want help in lightening their complexion and addressing uneven tone (dark spots) caused by hyper-pigmentation. It contains five active ingredients that works in tandem to inhibit melanin production or correct the effects of its overproduction. This mask is safe for all skin types. In addition to providing lightening benefits, their lightener mask excels at hydrating skin and sealing moisture necessary for healthy skin structure.

   * Lightens skin color/reduces effect of unwanted pigmentation
   * Inhibits melanin production
   * Hydrates and seals moisture barrier
   * Restores suppleness
Source: Bel mondo beauty


20 July 2011

Budget tip: Glass Nail File from Ebay

I recently bought a glass nail file on Ebay. I know that you can buy nail files at every drugstore, but I just wanted to try one on Ebay since it's inexpensive ^__^. It comes in many colors and I received a yellow one from the seller. I've tried many different kinds of nail files before, like nail files made of emery paper, ceramic, metal et cetera, but we all know that glass nail files are the best for our nails.
Glass nail file advantages
One of the top advantages associated with this product is the life span in which it can be used. You can use it over and over again and it can be easily cleaned and washed. It's suitable for natural and acrylic nails. Nail files made of steel typically cause the nail to chip or to crack because they are too rough on the nail. Glass nail files, on the other hand, help reduce the amount of chipping, splitting and peeling! Also, it won't become worn down that easily like emery board and metal nail files and it creates and leaves a soft and smooth finish.

18 July 2011

Online "Photoshop" - edit your photos online!

Hi fellow bloggers and readers.. Dutch readers might know these websites already since many Dutch bloggers blogged about it before, but I want to recommend these two awesome websites to other bloggers which have never heard or seen this yet.. I'm talking about two websites where you can edit your photos with. This is a nice tip for bloggers ^___^! I know that many bloggers are using photoshop to edit their photos. However, there are many people who things that Photoshop is way too complicated, so I would like to recommend these two websites to them. It's like an online Photoshop program but easier and it's free as well. You don't need to install anything and you can easily upload a picture on these websites, edit it and save it on your computer again. It's that simple! Well, about which two websites am I talking about....?

PIXLR The first website is pixlr.com
If you go to that website, you will see two choices: open editor online and retro vintage effects. If you click on open editor online you will see this (see picture below). I'm just using a hello kitty picture as an example. You can easily edit your picture here, change the brightness, sharpen the picture et cetera ... It's even possible to make layers and you can also use tools which are similar to the tools which you can use in Photoshop. Just upload, edit and save it on your computer again. This is really like Photoshop but easier.


17 July 2011

My Beauty Diary - My Sweet Teatime Set

I can't stop taking pictures of this box ^___^! I recently received the My Teatime set from My Beauty Diary ='D *EEEEK! screams* Ain't it cute?! I wanted to try the earl grey tea & macaron mask so badly so I asked my friend in Hong Kong to buy this whole set for me :). I took lots of pictures so scroll down to see more.

Can you remember my blogpost about the My Tea Time collection of My Beauty Diary? They are sold in several sets, 4 sets in total. One set is called the sweet tea time mini set which includes the cleanser, face scrub, one chocolate truffle and one earl grey & macaron mask. The other set is with 4x aloe vera, 4x strawberry yogurt mask, a strawberry cleanser (30 ml) and another strawberry cleanser full size (90 ml). There is also a set with 22 sheet masks which includes 7x aloe vera, 7x bird's nest and 8x chocolate truffle masks. The set that I received includes 22 sheet masks: 7 x black pearl, 7x bulgarian white rose and 8x earl grey & macaron masks (see picture below). All products of the My Tea Time collection are sold separately as well.

OMG, look at the lovely packaging ^o^~! At the front and at the side of the packaging you can see that the box includes the 7x black pearl, 7x bulgarian white rose and 8x earl grey tea & macaron mask. There is even a small menu at the side ^__^ it's so detailed haha. You only need to slide the box to the left or right and you can get the masks out. Reviews of the 3 masks will be online soon, so stay tuned :).

16 July 2011

Chunky Bling Swarovski Ring Giveaway [CLOSED]

I announced it on my facebook and twitter page already that there will be another giveaway this month ^___^. This giveaway is sponsored by Chunkybling.com. Chunky Bling sells chunky beaded jewelries like beaded watch bands, bracelets, rings and necklace charm clusters. Besides, you're also able to build your own watch and necklace there. They have over 70 watch bands and 80 watch faces to choose from. All of their jewelries are handcrafted. Go to their website, Chunkybling.com to see their assortment. Do you see any jewelries that you like? You are able to get 15% OFF with my special discount code: ELISA313. This code will work until Aug 06, 2011.

Chunky Bling was so kind to sponsor a lovely Swarovski ring for my readers. One ring is worth $12.95. You may choose between one of these Swarovski Pearl rings or Swarovski Crystal rings (see picture below). The winner may choose any color and style that they are selling!
♥ This giveaway is for people in the United States & Canada only!
♥ Non-followers of my blog are allowed to join this giveaway.
♥ If you are below 18, please ask your parents for permission.
♥ The winner will be chosen through random.org and will be emailed.

So what do you have to do to win a lovely Swarovski ring? The first 3 steps are mandatory:
STEP 1: Write your name and email in the entry form below.
STEP 2: Go to the ChunkyBling Build your own watch page and choose ONE watch band that you like. Copy and paste the name of the watch band in the entry form below.
STEP 3: When you've chosen your watch band, you also have to choose ONE Watch face that matches with your watch band. Copy and paste the name of the watch face in the entry form below.
STEP 4: This step is optional. "Like" the facebook page from ChunkyBling and you're done ^___^!

This giveaway is closed, thank you for joining. The winner will be announced through email.

Would you like to get more free jewelries? Host a jewelry party at Chunkybling.com, go to their online jewelry party page for more information. Or you can join their Name that BLING contest on their website.


15 July 2011

Memorable Days has a new layout!

As you might have noticed I changed the layout of my blog ^___^ yeahhh there is finally a new blog layout!!!! It's not totally done yet, I still need to fix a few things, so not everything is working properly at the moment. But what do you all think of the new bloglayout? Kinda girly right? hahaha.. I just wanted to have more colors on my blog and the background is a bit dolly wink-ish because I just love dolly wink\^o^/~! Like 90% of my visitors are probably girls, so I made it more girlish. What did I change? The top bar navigation & the search bar works way better than before, the pictures on my blog will be larger and I finally added Disqus at the comment section. Hope you all like it ^___^ and if you notice anything that doesn't work or if you want to give me some tips for my bloglayout, please let me know by leaving a comment below.


14 July 2011

Review: Dr. van der Hoog Mango Meloen masker

In this blogpost I will be reviewing the mango melon mask of the Dutch brand Dr. van der Hoog. People in The Netherlands should know this well-known brand ^__^. This mango melon mask has soothing & moisturizing properties and is suitable for sensitive skintypes. Eventhough I have a combination dry skin, I'm going to try this mask anyways because I love mango hehehe ♥.

11 July 2011

Tsubasa Masuwaka, Milky Bunny - Bunny Days ♥

Everybody should know who Tsubasa Masuwaka is by now. She is one of the most famous gyaru top models! She models in magazines like Popteen and egg. Candy doll, Dolly wink eyelashes, dolly wink nail polishes are launched by Tsubasa Masuwaka. (Whoa, she's so rich and she's only 26 years old omg!) What's next? Just when I thought she'd done it all, she launched a new song and starts with her singing career again. On July 20, she will release her debut single Bunny days♥ under the stage name Milky Bunny. There is an article about it in the Japanese magazine, Popteen August 2011 issue:

09 July 2011

SASA Haul - Japanese beauty products

YER YER YER! A month ago, I bought a few Japanese products at Sasa, my favorite online shop ^__^ ♥. These are products that I wanted to try for a long long time now. I waited for a while to order from them since some of the products were out of stock for quite a while. Anyways, I will name and link the products that I bought below. Btw. when you put my email at the "referred by" area when you make an account at sasa.com you are able to get 2% off at your first purchase when using promocode: SASA_WELCOME. Not much, but it's something and you will also get 2 free gifts ;).


08 July 2011

Why isn't there a new blog post today?

Hi my lovely readers ♥,
You've probably noticed that I started to blog less than you're used to. Why? The main reason is because I'm working on a new layout hehe ^___^. I'm kind of tired of this one, it just doesn't have much color, so I decided to change the layout :). The new layout will be up soon ^___^ stay tuned hihi.

Have you missed my blogposts? Some followers asked me before why I blog so often.... Let me explain it here, many bloggers that I'm following are blogging every day so it will keep the interests of the readers. This somehow influenced me and I thought that it would be great for my readers as well. That's why I started to blog every day and I did get more viewers and followers because of it.

However, a blogpost per day is probably too much for some followers. Therefore I would like to ask you to vote at the two polls below.

I would love to hear from you guys if you have any comments about this and if your answer is not listed in the poll, feel free to answer it in the comment section ;). Anyways, thank you for voting sweeties ( ^)(^-^)♥ !

06 July 2011

Sexy Look x Hello Kitty Limited Edition

Sexy Look
Sexy Look is a Taiwanese brand which became popular because of their earlobe sheet masks (I still want to try those btw.). I was looking at the July 2011 issue of Vivi and saw an ad about the new Hello Kitty skincare line of Sexy Look (see ad on the left). There aren't many information about this on the internet because they just launched it on the market. Click on the left picture to enlarge.

Where to buy?
The Hello Kitty skin care line can be purchased at the 7/11 stores in Taiwan. This line includes sheet masks, a sunscreen, dotting papers, a facial wash and more. I would love to try these products, but it's so expensive online. I saw that it was also sold on Ebay, user: Beauty Beyong Boutique, but it's EXPENSIVE there though.

You can see two types of sheet masks of Sexy Look in the picture below ^___^. The picture is taken by a blogger who was visiting Taiwan. There are 5 masks in each box, it sure looks very CUTE ^o^~!
Source picture: blogger pxdkitty

03 July 2011

Bornprettystore: 7pc Make Up Brush Set Review

Gomen, my lovely readers! I'm behind schedule and I haven't reviewed all of the products that I received from Bornprettystore.com yet. Remember my Bornprettystore haul blogpost? Today I'm going to review the makeup brush set that I received from them. Most of the people know that they are selling nail products, but did you know that they also sell make up brushes?

This makeup brush set has 7 pieces and comes in a lovely golden butterfly case which you can easily put in your bag.


02 July 2011

Vivi JP magazine, August 2011 issue - mag scans

YEAHHHHH, VIVI August 2011 issue is out \^o^/! As you can see, Japanese singer, Amuro Namie is on the cover. I'm loving this issue of Vivi ^___^ because the clothing is very inspiring and there is a small summer nail book added as well. Also there is a short article about BIGBANG's Love & Hope Tour 2011 ♥.

Have you missed the previous issue? Go to this link: http://www.memorable-days.net/2011/06/vivi-jp-magazine-july-2011-issue-mag.html.

Would you like to have the whole Vivi August 2011 issue? Click on the link below to download it:  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J5YMJ2YF

I enjoyed watching the magazine and I hope you will like this issue as well ^^. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below. Enjoy everybody ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♥~!

01 July 2011

Peek into my life - Friend's Wedding

I went to my friend's wedding last week and it sure was a pretty wedding ^____^. I'm going to share a few pictures in this blogpost. I didn't take any pictures that day, but my friend did, so I stole a few pictures that she posted on facebook lol (Hope you don't mind Kary =p).

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining bright and it was 35 degrees outside, yes extremely hot! I missed their awesome entrance because I was late that day (because of the darn train!). Anyways, my friend said that they came in a white carriage and showed this picture to me, so pretty ^___^, just like cinderella! There were two beautiful horses pulling the white cinderella carriage. It's such a pity that I missed their entrance x__x'.

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