24 July 2011

Catrice swatches - Up in the air & Sand Francisco

I bought two nail polishes of Catrice (Ultimate Nail Lacquer) a while back. I have a large collection of Catrice nail polishes at home lol. I just love nail polishes of this brand because the colors are lovely, it's inexpensive and it's of good quality.
#530 Up in the air
Catrice has a couple of blue nail polishes in their assortment. 5 to be exact and I have 2 out of the 5. The other one that I have is called #540 Am I Blue or green, click on the name to watch a swatch of the nail polish. The nail polish Up in the air is a bit darker compared to Am I Blue or green, but it's still suitable for the summer. The color of the nail polish Up in the air is slightly different in the pictures than in real.

#450 Sand Francisco
It's not spelled wrong, it's called Sand Francisco xD. It has a sand color, hence the name ;)

These are sold at the Dutch drugstore, Kruidvat. They are €2,49 each which is a great price!

The brushes are black and as you can see in the picture below, the brush from #530 Up in the air is a bit larger than the other one. I liked the larger brush more though, it was easier to apply and it wasn't streaky while I applied it. Two coats were needed to get a good finish. Sand Francisco on the other hand was quite sheer, streaky and I even needed 3 coats to get a "good finish" (it was still streaky after wards).

I like both colors! Which one do you like?
See more swatches here: Catrice nail polish swatches


  1. Mooie kleurtjes!

  2. I like them both very pretty.

  3. ahh I love both colours!
    I can't choooseee *____*! 

  4. i like long nail polish brush, so that it can reach the bottom! nice gold!

  5. too bad, these brushes aren't long enough =/

  6. MarjoleinHoekendijkJuly 25, 2011 9:55 AM

    Love the colors!

  7. The colors are both so pretty! Catrice polishes look like they're such good quality. Btw I really like ur new layout elisa! the main page looks so much neater and less cluttered now :)

  8. Jammer van de textuur maar de kleuren zijn mooi :)


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