Catrice swatches - Am I blue or green & Lemon Squeezy

I was really curious about the new nail polish collection of Catrice (Ultimate nail lacquer) so I went to the Dutch drugstore a few days ago and picked up a few nail polishes. Gosh, I want to buy the whole nail polish collection because they are all so pretty ♥. I even saw a few pastel colors :) I grabbed those right away when I saw it.

#540 Am I blue or green
It's definitely light blue! I'm loving this color cause it makes me think of the blue sky and it also makes me think of the bumble bee nail art tutorial that bubzbeauty posted on her channel. It's the same kind of blue.

#390 Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy
Such a funny name ^__^! It's a light version of the #240 Sold out forever of Catrice.You can see the difference below.

The price
They are €2,49 each and are of great quality and packaging.

Both nail polishes are quite thick. I usually apply two coats to make it look perfect (without any stripes). These are definitely worth the money ^__^!

See more swatches here:

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