Etude House has released new hand creams called My Castle Hand Cream. With the concept of their princess fantasy story, their My Castle line came to life. As you can see the packaging is pretty cute - all castles! It's available in 4 scents and you can buy them individually as well as a whole set. If you're following on my Twitter @Kawaiipeachies, you probably noticed that I'm currently watching the Korean drama You're so Lovable / My Lovable Girl starring Bi Rain and Krystal Jung from f(x). These hand creams were actually visible in this drama, have you noticed? More about this in this blogpost.

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It has been a while girls ^^! Today I'm going to do an unboxing post of MEMEBOX - Color Box RED. It's a box including 5 full size products, all in the color RED!
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MEMEBOX collaborates with Pony (Park Hye Min)! You might recognize her from youtube channel InsiteTV where she shows lots of make up tutorials. I love her make up creations since it's often wearable on a daily basis. She will release a 8 color eyeshadow palette together with MEMEBOX called Shine Easy Glam, on the 24th of September 2014.

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Wow, two months ago, I went to the GOSH high tea event in Amsterdam. I scheduled this post but it never came online (omg!). I did mention about it on my social media pages before and in this blogpost, so you might recognize some of the pictures. Anyways, better late than never right ^__^? It really was one of the most fun events that I had ever been to. They released their Fall/Winter 2014 collection and I was one of the bloggers who were able to attend the event. The collection is in stores now!

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Long time no review! Today I'm going to review two Japanese products for the brows - the eyebrow powder from Dolly Wink and the Kiss Me Eyebrow mascara. Since I dyed my hair two weeks ago to a light brown color I needed some lighter eyebrow products which will match with the look. My eyebrows are naturally black, so I needed a color which is 2-3 times darker than my hair. If you are interested make sure to read and stay tuned I will also be having a giveaway at the end of this post!

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Soaps, I used to dislike them since the assortment of soaps was limited and they were usually so drying to the skin. However, the soap market has changed A LOT! There are so many different kind of soaps nowadays and a lot of them are hydrating as well. I recently partnered up with Wishtrend to host this giveaway where you can win these Be Clean Natural Soaps of the Korean brand Klairs. Are you interested? Make sure to continue with reading!

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Etude House has released new Play Nail nail polishes, this line is called: Zoom in the Zoo. The shades are perfect for Fall and this collection contains a glossy as well as a shimmery finish. Want to see the shades? Make sure to keep on reading!

Check out their other Play Nail collection: melting summer nails.

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Etude House has released 10 new colors for their Dear My Wish Lips Talk line. The packaging is very similar to their Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Lipsticks, the only difference is the placement of the ribbon. Also the bullet became more flat instead of pointy, the Etude House logo is also gone. Krystal from f(x) looks gorgeous on all pictures, check out all shades in today's blogpost.

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Korean brand Clio Professional has released 2 new products for the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection: the Salon de Cara and the Virgin Kiss Lip Tension. As many of you already know the gorgeous Sandara Park (from 2ne1) is the face of Clio Professional. Check out the new products that she demonstrates in today's blogpost.

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My first ever Smashbox lipstick! I usually hear a lot about their amazing primers, but I have also heard great things about the texture of their lipsticks and today I'm able to swatch one for you - the Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Bing Lipstick!

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Who is using a cleansing oil in their cleansing routine? Today I'm reviewing one of the well-known cleansing oils from Shu Uemura. It's called The Porefinist Anti-Shine Fresh Cleansing Oil. Want to know my opinion about this cleansing oil? Keep on reading! I'm also hosting a giveaway today in collaboration with, stay tuned!

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If you are a HUGE fan of Japanese snacks like me, you gotta pay attention to today's post! Today I'm introducing OyatsuBox to you. OyatsuBox is a monthly subscription service from  that sends out a box full of Japanese snacks and candies direct from Japan! It cost $25.- per box and no extra charges will be added for shipping since those are included. Want to know what was in my July  OyatsuBox? Check out today's blogpost!

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Due to the previous success of my giveaway with MEMEBOX, I decided to collaborate with them again! This time I'm celebrating my 2K on Bloglovin'! Thank you so much for following and for reading my blogposts ^_^. Eventhough I don't blog as often anymore, you girls are some loyal visitors and I really appreciate that. There will be more giveaways this month to celebrate this and to thank you all, so stay tuned!
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Today I'm going to show you a few casual wear ootd's. These items were sent to me by, which is an online fashion shop based in Hong Kong. They have a large selection of dresses for special occasions, sexy lingerie as well as clothing for casual wear, but also current trend items. I was asked to review a few items so I picked these 3 for casual wear.

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OH MY! Start saving your money girls because the new Etude House collection is out! It's called Princess Happy Ending which is in collaboration with Disney. It's inspired by the Disney characters Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, and Snow White. This collection includes a new selection of nail polishes, blushes, mascara, BB Cream and lipsticks! Excited? Make sure to read today's blogpost!

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Etude House has released some new face patches for their Petite Beauty line. It includes patches for the forehead, eyes, mouth area, neck and body. These aren't normal sheets, these are hydrogel type of patches. They claim to be moist, cooling and great for lifting and wrinkle care. Every patch has different ingredients which are suitable for certain face parts.

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I'm far behind my blogging schedule since I'm pretty busy with my personal life and it's vacation period now so I'm very sorry for the lack of posts lately ^^"! I will try to pick it up hihi. Anyways, a week ago I went to London! (Yes, again!) hahaha, I just love London so I go there quite often. I had some yummy food, met sweet bloggers and I shopped! I will split it in parts since I took loads of pictures during the trip, this is part 1! If you are following me on instagram, you've probably seen most of the pictures already. If you aren't following me there yet, make sure to visit: Kawaiipeachies and hit the follow button since I update it (almost) every day kekeke… (addict here ^^"!).
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Hi all ^^! Today I'm going to review some lovely eyelashes from These aren't regular eyelashes, these are luxury false lashes made of high quality mink fur. On the LoveLashes website it's stated that you can wear these up to 25 times, now that's A LOT! Want to know my opinion about these lashes, continue with reading!

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The eco-friendly Korean brand Innisfree has released a few cooling products for this Summer. These products will instantly decrease the temperature on your face, head and/or body with -5℃ to -9℃ lessen. It's great to use these during Summer time after long hours of sun exposure. It won't only cool down the skin temperature, but it will also calm the irritated skin. This line definitely makes me think of the cooling products from Etude House (see blogpost). Check out the products in today's blogpost.

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BBIA - Blooming Beauty In online oceAn that's what it stands for. I recently discovered this Korean brand and I noticed that they have lovely products for a budget price. Check out these pigments for example, they look stunning!

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I recently discovered this new Korean Beauty show called After School's Beauty Bible. The show is originally broadcast on KBSW, and they started to sub the episodes on the KBS World TV youtube channel (HURRAY for English subs!). It's not like the Korean show Get it Beauty, it's a reality format show where the girls from K-pop girl group After School talk about beauty products, tips and trends, but also workout tips!  

To be honest I don't really like the "reality format", I usually scroll through the video to check out the tips and tricks haha. Some videos are more interesting than others but they do mention some useful tips in their videos. Check them out!

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The Mercedes-Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week is here and yesterday I was invited to go to the fashion show from designer Ilja Visser - Ready to Fish! Oh my, the collection is so pretty! She showed the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection during the show. Check out the stunning collection in today's blogpost.

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Etude House has released some new nail polishes! It's called Tropical Aqua Nails. It includes glow in the dark nail polishes as well as glittery ones. I gotta say that the glittery ones are pretty nice looking ^^.  Another new product that they released are the Ice tint balm. Check it out in today's blogpost!

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I have been to a lot of events lately - like the Olympus Playground event and a press event of GOSH to see the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection and I also ATE a lot O_O" (when will i ever stop eating so much?! hahaha). Check out my life in pictures from the previous 2 weeks. If you are following me on instagram you've probably seen all the pictures already, if you're not following me there, feel free to follow via KawaiiPeachies.
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Hello all ^^! I got a surprise for you all this time. I'm collaborating with MEMEBOX and I may give away 3 prizes to my lovely readers. Want to know what the prizes are? Make sure to continue with reading!
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