Etude House has released some new face patches for their Petite Beauty line. It includes patches for the forehead, eyes, mouth area, neck and body. These aren't normal sheets, these are hydrogel type of patches. They claim to be moist, cooling and great for lifting and wrinkle care. Every patch has different ingredients which are suitable for certain face parts.

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I'm far behind my blogging schedule since I'm pretty busy with my personal life and it's vacation period now so I'm very sorry for the lack of posts lately ^^"! I will try to pick it up hihi. Anyways, a week ago I went to London! (Yes, again!) hahaha, I just love London so I go there quite often. I had some yummy food, met sweet bloggers and I shopped! I will split it in parts since I took loads of pictures during the trip, this is part 1! If you are following me on instagram, you've probably seen most of the pictures already. If you aren't following me there yet, make sure to visit: Kawaiipeachies and hit the follow button since I update it (almost) every day kekeke… (addict here ^^"!).
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Hi all ^^! Today I'm going to review some lovely eyelashes from These aren't regular eyelashes, these are luxury false lashes made of high quality mink fur. On the LoveLashes website it's stated that you can wear these up to 25 times, now that's A LOT! Want to know my opinion about these lashes, continue with reading!

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The eco-friendly Korean brand Innisfree has released a few cooling products for this Summer. These products will instantly decrease the temperature on your face, head and/or body with -5℃ to -9℃ lessen. It's great to use these during Summer time after long hours of sun exposure. It won't only cool down the skin temperature, but it will also calm the irritated skin. This line definitely makes me think of the cooling products from Etude House (see blogpost). Check out the products in today's blogpost.

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BBIA - Blooming Beauty In online oceAn that's what it stands for. I recently discovered this Korean brand and I noticed that they have lovely products for a budget price. Check out these pigments for example, they look stunning!

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I recently discovered this new Korean Beauty show called After School's Beauty Bible. The show is originally broadcast on KBSW, and they started to sub the episodes on the KBS World TV youtube channel (HURRAY for English subs!). It's not like the Korean show Get it Beauty, it's a reality format show where the girls from K-pop girl group After School talk about beauty products, tips and trends, but also workout tips!  

To be honest I don't really like the "reality format", I usually scroll through the video to check out the tips and tricks haha. Some videos are more interesting than others but they do mention some useful tips in their videos. Check them out!

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The Mercedes-Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week is here and yesterday I was invited to go to the fashion show from designer Ilja Visser - Ready to Fish! Oh my, the collection is so pretty! She showed the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection during the show. Check out the stunning collection in today's blogpost.

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Etude House has released some new nail polishes! It's called Tropical Aqua Nails. It includes glow in the dark nail polishes as well as glittery ones. I gotta say that the glittery ones are pretty nice looking ^^.  Another new product that they released are the Ice tint balm. Check it out in today's blogpost!

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I have been to a lot of events lately - like the Olympus Playground event and a press event of GOSH to see the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection and I also ATE a lot O_O" (when will i ever stop eating so much?! hahaha). Check out my life in pictures from the previous 2 weeks. If you are following me on instagram you've probably seen all the pictures already, if you're not following me there, feel free to follow via KawaiiPeachies.
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Hello all ^^! I got a surprise for you all this time. I'm collaborating with MEMEBOX and I may give away 3 prizes to my lovely readers. Want to know what the prizes are? Make sure to continue with reading!
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Today I'm going to show you my NOTD. Yes, I know I know I haven't posted a nail art tutorial in a while. Creating nail art tutorials takes a lot of time and inspiration and I was pretty busy in the past few months, so bare with me girls ^^". In today's blogpost I will show you my nails of the day that I created with some lovely 3D nail art stickers from

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Holika Holika has released a new collection called Skin & AC Mild. This collection is created for people with acne troubled skin. It's great to see that more and more brands are releasing such a collection, since some of them do really work! Important ingredients in the products of this collection are: bay leaf extract, micro apple water and rucola extract. These ingredients will soothe the pimples and will prevent excess sebum. The before and after pictures below looks really promising. Check out the whole collection in today's blogpost.

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Hello lovelies ^^! Another MEMEBOX unboxing this time. Today I'm going to unbox the memebox #10 which includes 6 Korean products. I will also be sharing a $15.- coupon code in this post AND a small giveaway at the very end… keep on reading!
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The weather is finally getting better here in The Netherlands. The sun is finally shining which means that it's time for some nice Spring clothing. I'm so in love with floral printed items now-a-days^^! It's cute and girly! Today i'm going to share my outfit of the day - I paired a crop top with a lovely floral printed skort. Who likes skorts?! *me, me, me*

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Last week I was invited to go to the Aveda Academy where they introduced their latest product to me. I'm talking about their new styling cream Naturally Straight of their Smooth Infusion line. They didn't only introduced it to me, they even tried it on my own hair! Want to see the results? Check out today's blogpost!

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Lots of my Dutch readers were very curious about these CC Creams of the Dutch brand Dr. van der Hoog. It's a very popular brand in The Netherlands and this brand has lots of great skincare products as well. Their CC Cream is already out in the market for a while but I've read mixed feelings about these, I'm testing it out and will share my thoughts about it in this blogpost.

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A few days ago I showed a preview of this collection (link blogpost) called Lock'N Summer from Etude House. Many of you were excited about their Summer make up collection^^. Let me show you the whole collection today. All products are created for the Summer, so it claims to stay on the skin for a long period! It's already sold in stores as well as online!

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Espoir has released their Summer Make up Collection of this year called Beach Bombshell. Do you see Dahee's beach look in the picture below? I totally love it! It's a Summer look which somehow looks natural to me, it suits her well! Check out the whole Summer collection 2014 of the Korean brand Espoir in today's blogpost.

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Today I'm going to review this popular toner - the Wonder Pore Freshner from Etude House - one of their best sellers at the moment. Lots of beauty bloggers raved about this and in today's blogpost I'm going to share my thoughts about it, keep on reading!

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Today I will show some swatches of a new lip crayon of the brand No7. It's called the High Shine Lip Crayon and it comes in 6 shades. In this blogpost I will show swatches of the color Berry. It's actually the first No7 product that I own. Products of this brand can only be purchased online in The Netherlands, but I know that you can easily purchase this at the Boots stores in the UK.

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Hello girls ^^ Today I'm going to review the 19 Real Neck PT Sheet masks of the Korean brand Rosa Pacific. You might recognize this product from the Memebox Hair & Body #1 which I blogged about a few days ago. That's right… these are neck masks! Have you ever heard of masks for the neck before? It sure was my first time trying it out. Thanks to Memebox I will also be giving away 5 of these masks to one lucky winner! Make sure to read this blogpost and enter the giveaway, it's open worldwide!

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Long time no memebox unboxing girls ^^! YES, they finally ship to The Netherlands again so to celebrate this, MEMEBOX (미미박스) sent the Hair & Body #1 box to me for review purposes. Have you missed my previous memebox unboxing blogposts, check them out here.

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Today I want to show you a preview of the upcoming collection from Etude House! It's called the Lock' N Summer Collection and it includes a cushion foundation, lip products, a cushion eyeliner (say what?) and more! Continue with reading to get a glance of the collection.

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Innisfree has released some Summer 2014 products and I'm going to share it with you today. I'm talking about the Innisfree Jelly Tints. This is a limited edition, so grab them as fast as you can! I will also be mentioning some new nail products of their Summer collection. Keep on reading if you are interested.

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Ohhh boy.. I hope you love to watch hauls as much as I do hahaha.. I have another Japanese snacks haul today. Lots of green tea products, it's a little bit similar to my previous haul but I purchased some different stuff as well this time. Check it out!
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One of the fashion trends that I'm really loving is the sneaker fashion trend. Wear something casual on top or something classy, put some sneakers on and you're good to go. It's comfy and good looking. In today's blogpost I'm going to share some pictures of fashion bloggers to give you some inspiration on how to mix and match it with your outfits. 

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