18 February 2011

What do you think of Asian monolids?

Hi lovely readers ^_^,
It's time for another question of the week. I'm writing about monolids today. Monolids are eyelids with no crease (see my picture below and I'm not wearing any make up there). Many Asian girls are just born with monolids, including me =( yes i'm adding a sad face to the sentence because I rather would have double eyelids. Monolids are not fun to work with =.=" and it makes me look a bit violent too lol XD.

Many girls with monolids want to have bigger eyes. Doing a surgery is an option. But there are different kinds of tools nowadays to fake double eyelids like eyelid tape, eyelid glue, fake eyelashes and double eyelid fiber. I have tried (one sided) eyelid tape and eyelid glue before and I didn't like it. Everybody can see the eyelid tape which is ugly =.=" and it's true that you can create double eyelids with glue. However, it doesn't feel good on your lids. I do wear fake eyelashes sometimes and that seems to be the best way for me to create double eyelids. Have you tried these tools before?

Some people say that monolids are pretty and we all should be happy with our own eyes, some people think that double eyelids are better looking. What do you think?

So my question to you is:
What do you think of Asian monolids?


  1. Asian monolids are pretty ^^
    It actually gives a gentle feel .

  2. I guess it really depends on the individual's face and etc~ Sometimes, monolids really suits a person (like you!) and they still look really good with it. etc But I think monolids look good and some of the make up with monolids looks amazing!!

    <3 I think you look beautiful with it!

  3. I just LOVE asian eyes and monolids.
    Personally, I am italian and I have almond-shaped eyes like my grandpa does, but I have double-eyelid.

    I think monolid makes you look less tired and gives you less problems in aging: for example, my mum has double lid but she needs surgery (blepharo) due to skin-excess on the eyes. I am really scared I am going to have the same, too! In this case, monolid should be safer ^^

    Do you know Promise Tamang Phan? She has monolids but she's so beautiful!

  4. @Melody, thank you sweetie ^^ <3 but it's true that it depends on the individual face. I'm already used to my monolids, but still.. I wish i had double eyelids cause it's less dull looking and it makes your eyes a bit bigger.

  5. @Marta, I hope that you won't need to do that surgery :) and i think that almond shaped eyes are so pretty ^^ !!

    Promise is beautiful, but i don't think that hers are monolids. She has one half hidden eyelid and one is a double eyelid as you can see in her videos.

  6. I think that the grass is always greener on the other side =)) People with double lids would like to have a monolid and vice versa =) I personally love how asian faces look: monolids, thick shiny hair, fair skin and always cute =)))

  7. I actually have one double and one monolid. Sometimes if I don't enough sleep I have both double lids. Personally I like them both, just not at the same time haha

  8. @Mitchin, hmmm i don't know. i never heard that somebody with double eyelids would like to have monolids actually xD but i know what you mean ^^

  9. @Michelle, hahah yeahh sometimes when I sleep too much I will have one double eyelid and one monolid, but that doesn't stays =( it will go away after an hour

  10. ahhhhhhhhh... i have like one monolid... and one double eyelid wannabe.. lol. it's so annoying sometimes. i just want them to be even !! either both monolids or both doublelids.. sometimes i wake up, they are even.. i think it just depends on how i sleep or something... i dont mind having monolids.. i just want them to be even.. lol.. if that makes sense..

  11. lol, it's so funny to read the comments! Sometimes I also have only one doublelid and one monolid when i sleep too much! Its so annoying to put eye make up then. It always looks so weird and sometimes more uneven! Most of the time I luckily have doublelids!

  12. All eyelids are pretty!

    I was born with monolids but as I grew there came a little space between my crease and lashes. Like, 3 mm space or so. Not that huge hehe. I'm happy as what they are, like in between. But my eyes aren't even as well, the space between the crease and the lashes is bigger on the one than on the other lid.

  13. Interesting post!

    I get the feeling that society (myself included) feel more attracted to people with eyelids. Maybe because it's promoted in the media. Even in China they seem to put white girls with eyelids on packages and advertisements. I know some acquaintances who did a operation to get eyelids and during my internship in China I noticed it is a trend in China to get eyelids for quite some time now. I almost believe that there should be some scientific explanation why I and other people feel more attracted to people with eyelids.

    Because eyelids are physical, it's the first information my mind gets to process, make judgements and translate it into: I feel more attracted to people with eyelids (maybe some deep unconscious biology>mating criteria stuff). However, once I get to notice a charming smile and attitude it would not even matter if you have monolids or one eye or no legs.

    Ok, I totally got carried away. Heavy stuff.

    Inner game is what i'm trying to say ;)

  14. Asian monolids are oriinal , and I can;t understand these girl who wanted to change that only to be more common :S

  15. I actually like monolids you can do your makeup to make you look mysterious hehe

  16. For a long time, I had no idea how coveted double eyelids were. I think the whole thing is overrated, and that many Asian girls with monolids are very beautiful. ^__^

  17. I used to have monolids when I was a kid, but nao I have hidden double eyelids, lol.

    I used double eyelid glue, but it feels weird and after a while your eyes get more saggy (= more monolid). I think both are pretty and if youre going to get double eyelid surgery, your eyes will sag after a while too. It's just a waste of time and money. -_-

    I get the idea asn society thinks that
    monolids = traditional beauty
    double eyelids = modern beauty
    and it's all thanks to the models in the fashion magazines that teenagers in asia (japan/china/korea mainly) have become so deluded about beauty and they forget that most of the 'models' have undergone major surgery.

  18. Ik vind dat monolids best wel bij je staat ^^
    I think monolids gives Asian people an extra excotic look, like those ancient Chinese. (those are sooo beautiful!)

    Ik wist eerst niet eens dat er verschil was in dubble of eenzijdig lijn. Untill it became an popular issue among Asian girls.
    Ik vind dat je nog steeds hetzelfde uitziet ook al heb je een double-eyelid surgery gehad, je hebt alleen een extra streep op je ooglid.

    And! Some Dutch guys or even other Western looking people have small aswell even they are double lid! Bijvoorbeeld Finn van tv-serie Glee, hij heeft echt van die schattige (almost Asian) eyes :'D

    Anyway you are beautifullll xxx~

  19. lol i don't have a particular feeling towards monolids ^_^" do you use eyelid stickers though?

  20. i haven't tried fiberwig! the next mascara i wanna try is Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara <3!! have you tried that :)? i heard it's great, and it's cheaaap!

  21. I own a bunch of eyetalk eyelid glue and I se it maybe once/twice a week to keep my eyelids double. Sometimes if I drink too much water before bed or sleep for too long my eyes lose their elasticity and become monolid. I don't think monolid or double lid looks better one way or the other. You are you -and you look just the way you are :) Though I agree that monolid is a pain to work with, that's why sometimes I glue my eyes before putting makeup on. With the right tool and stuff its still much easier to apply makeup then to put eye makeup to fit one mono and the other double eyelid lol.

    If you want double lid I have heard the best way is to apply stickers. It's way more permanent than using glue. I just don't have that patience to put it on every night :P

    It's an interesting topic but tbh, Elisa, you look beautiful the way you are! And I definitely don't think you look violent at all LOL

  22. Reply to Man teng, Sam, Dillon

    @Man teng, lucky youuuu !!! i want to have double lids as well >.<"!!

    @Sam, ik heb best veel artikelen gelezen dat mensen op hun "oudere leeftijd" nja rond hun 20e opeens double eyelid kregen. too bad that didn't happend to me x_x

    @Dillon, lol dillon. you totally got carried away with the topic ^^ but that's good ='D I'm sure that the media has to do with this =.="!!!! Yeah, in china they use HEAPS of eyelashes and eyelid tape and other kinds of tools to get bigger eyes o_o" just insane how much they use.

  23. Reply to parisiennemoonlight, super-rabbit and mei

    @parisiennemoonlight, just because it's more pretty i think and it makes your eyes bigger.

    @super-rabbit, hidden double eyelids seems to be hard to work with as well, isn't it? yeah we should all blame the media!!!!

    @mei ^^, thank you sweetie <3

  24. Reply to Jennifer and winnie;

    @Jennifer, i have tried to use it,, but failed lol! and you can see the tape which is ugly =.=" so i gave up. and it feels weird =S

    @Winnie, Thank you sweetie <3 ^^~ Do you like the feeling when your eyelids are folded with glue? I did it before but it just didn't feel great. and it looks ugly when you rub it. I tried to use one sided stickers, but failed. hmmm double sided stickers seems to work better xD going to try that as soon as i know where to buy it lol.

  25. It used to really bother me because when I first started using makeup, I had NO IDEA how to apply eyeshadow on myself lol. But now that I've experimented a bit, and looked at tutorials, I actually quite like my monolids :)

  26. You're so nice Elisa, you always reply to everyone

  27. Reply to Marta and Rinny :
    @Marta i was always wondering if people would read my replies hihi ^^

    @rinny, it's great to hear that rinny ^^! maybe i should experiment more as well xD

  28. MONOLIDS!!!! I totally love them!!! I think they make us look really cute...

  29. I don't have an issue with monolids.. honestly, it's easier to work with for me .. i've gotten use to it, it's only recently that putting fake eyelashes on has given me one double lid.. and i do not like it. AT ALL (when i can get both lids to go double) it makes my eyes bigger.. but its so much harder to do makeup!!

  30. @Jen, huh it should be easier to do make up hahah.. i also tried to put some glue to get double eyelid. =) it feels so weird but i do like double eyelids more ^^

  31. Monolids are gorgeous....really double lids are so overrated.. I have them but they're weird and if my eyes puff up a little (like in the morning) I get a monolid ...anyway I have the worst time with makeup, particularly eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner.. I'll close my eyes to put the stuff on and the liner taps my top lid when I open them and the shadow pools in my crease...it's ueber frustrating :'( ...sometimes I wish I just had monolids..

  32. @mickii, it puffs a little in the morning is probably because you drank water before you slept???

    Anyways, i have monolids and i still have that problem that the eyeliner/eyeshadow will smudge and get into the crease =.=" and i need to put a big black line, so that it's visible xD

  33. I think monolids are really special and pretty!
    I'm black and have double/parallel eyelids (this is actually not a given, there's an African ethnic group who have monolids they're called Khoe-San) but my eyes are kind of almond shaped and I've always done my make up to emphasize that shape (make it longer horizontally/narrower vertically because it looks pretty that way). I have no problem with my race but if there were some type of temporary product equivalent to eyelid glue/tape that could create the illusion of monolids I would probably buy it! It's just a really pretty shape to me.

    It's extremely upsetting to me that this specific type of eye really gets ridiculed and picked on.  And people defend it by saying big eyes are attractive because of our biology - they say big eyes signify health so no one can help it that everyone is pressured to have double eyelids.  But that just isn't true! It can't be because then what do the Khoe-Sans do - just not procreate 'cause they're "biologically" ugly? And didn't the Four Great Beauties of Chinese history have monolids and round faces? So it's not some natural inclination towards "healthy" looking people, it's racism and the modern media's influence that make double lids more popular.  I bet no one would be complaining about make up difficulty if double lids weren't the standard... People with monolids would just be doing make up without concern about making their eyes look bigger.
    Ahh that was a long rant sorry.. =/ Beauty standard discussions always get me babbling passionately especially when theres a racial aspect...

  34. Depend what you mean by double eyelid.

    1) A very pronounced "western" double eyelid like this: 
    http://www.indianmakeuptips.com/wp-content/uploads/eye-shadow1.jpg  (natural)

    another example (plastic surgery): http://cbingoimage.naver.com/data/bingo_75/imgbingo_90/jijimansey2/37364/jijimansey2_167.jpg 

    2)A mostly smooth eyelid with slight double eyelid at very bottom looks really nice like this: 

    heres another example: http://static.minitokyo.net/downloads/25/10/498025.jpg  

    example 1) a very pronounced high up double eyelid fold 

    My sister SADLY got double eyelid surgery, and her eyelid now looks just looks exactly like ryo nishikido picture i got above....  It is very noticeable... doesn't look very cute or youthful.. actually I find it gross and funny looking.   Having a fold so high up on your eyelid like this also makes the round contour of your eyeball very noticeable through your eyelid which make you look like grandma.   So just a warning if you go under the knife your eyelid will look like this too.... >_<;;;
    (sorry if i offend anyone its my opinion)

    Example 2) having predominantly smooth upper lid looks very cute and youthful ... that's all there is to it... if you want a slight double eyelid to make your eye look a little bigger than just use the eyelid tape. The 2nd picture I have under example 2) that girl sometime doesn't have very noticeable double eyelid, and sometime she does, so I suspect she uses/has used the tape before.... she looks cute to me either way.

    BTW I 'm a guy so what I find cute for a girl may be different from what you guys find as cute...

  35. CharmingQuarksMay 14, 2012 8:27 AM

    I have the double eyelid, but I have seen lots of pretty Asians with the monolids, so I don't think having that is better. I think anyone who loves their true selves are very attractive.


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