About me

For the people who don't know me, I'm Elisa :), the owner of this blog. I'm born and living in The Netherlands. My parents are Chinese so I've learned that language since I was little. So yes I do speak Dutch, Chinese and English fluently ^_^.

Why is it called Memorable Days?
I went to Asia the whole year in 2009 to study and to do my internship. Therefore I made this blog to let my friends & family know how my life in Shanghai was and I wrote about my adventures and had lots of memorable days there, that’s why I gave my blog that name. I came back to Holland in February 2010 and I just wanted to move on with this blog, because blogging became an addiction of mine. From March 2010 I decided to write about my life in The Netherlands. Like many girls I like to buy beauty products, clothes and do nail art, so that’s why it became a blog about beauty & fashion ;)

Feel free to add me on twitter if you want to or you can email me if you have questions ^_^ (memorabledaysx3@gmail.com)