Do you have a pet at home?

No beauty blogpost today ^__^ Last week I went to my sisters place to chill. I almost forgot that she has a hamster. Meet this little girl, nibbit. Isn't she fluffy ^___^ ~~? When I see a hamster I always sing the hamtaro theme song in my head... lol.. I loved that serie when I was little xD!!!

Pets are always fun to play with at the beginning. However, it will be less fun after a year or so. People will neglect it after a while, because it became boring or you're just too busy with other stuff. Are you like that as well.....? Haha don't get me wrong, my sister isn't neglecting her hamster xD. I always wanted to have a puppy, but my parents didn't let me have one, because they were scared that I will neglect it after a while. However, I'm sure that I'm going to have one when I'm older ^__^~ puppies are way too cute!
My question to you is:

Do you have a pet at home?

Ahww, she was smelling my camera *nif*nif* or she wanted to be on camera lol nibbit camwhore picture~

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