Panda nail art with nail art dotting pens ♥

Yayyy~!! I finally bought a set of nail art dotting pens!! I normally use the pink dotting pen from Essence, but I wanted to have more dotting pens with different sizes so I bought these on Ebay for $1,69 with free shipping ;). It took around 17 days till I got it. It's a pretty good deal right? A set comes with 5 dotting pens and you will have two different ends on each pen.

I've put a dot with the pens on a piece of paper to see how large the dots are. As you can see there is not a difference between the green and the blue one .____. blehhh, such a pity...
These are the other ends of the pens, they are all the same. It would be better if they were all different >.<".
These pens are working fine though =). They are of good quality, not easy to break and it's inexpensive as well, so it's recommended ;)! I was super excited to use these so I did a quick panda nail art ^o^!!! But I failedddddd~~~~! As you can see on the picture, the panda ears are too long and it looks a bit like a dog now =p but I did this within a few minutes so I think I did an ok job lar.. hahaha XD. For this, I've only used the green dotting pen and Dear'Lee white and black nail polish. I'm definitely going to use these pens more often for my nail art tutorials ^___^!

Want to try this panda nail art as well? Check out this tutorial that I found on youtube from cutepolish: 

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