20 February 2011

Swatch: Sephora Colorful Mono Eyeshadows

I bought these two eye shadows a while ago. It was quite hard to find a matte black and a pigmented white eyeshadow. Thankfully I found these at Sephora ^_^.
According to the Sephora website these are highly pigmented, long-lasting, exclusive shadows that reinvent color intensity. Sephora Mono Eyeshadow has the perfect, high-payoff combination of brilliant color, an easy-blending formula and endless versatility that will revolutionize your eye-makeup outlook and deliver show-stopping effects. These eye shadows are available in more than 80 different shades and comes in three finishes: matte, glittering and metallic shimmer. These eyeshados are paraben free.

These are around €10,90 each (0.07 oz).

The white one is called Aspen Summit n°23 (silvery white shimmer) and the black one is called Must Have n°06 (matte black). The white one is one of the most pigmented white shades I've seen.

The colour pay-off of both shades are nice ^^. Both shades have a soft texture that is easy to blend. I have oily lids so I always need to apply a primer before applying these. These two eye shadows are medium pigmented.

- Easy to blend
- Lasts long after you applied primer
- Pigmentation

- High price

Have you tried Sephora eyeshadows before?


  1. Nope i've never tried it before, but i have to say that the pigmentation of this black mono eyeshadow looks a bit off on the picture: It's not very black, but it looks more grey-ish black.

  2. Nope have not tried it before!
    But I think this might be the first time seeing a reeeal matt eyeshadow o:
    Ik kom heel vaak tegen dat ze glimmen met glittertjes enzo... xxx~

  3. Ziet er wel goed uit! Scoren bij een 3 voor €10 actie dus ;)

  4. @Marjolein, inderdaad xD! kan niet wachten totdat het er weer is =p ff inslaan dan weer heheh..

  5. @Man teng, i agree that it's a bit grey-ish black on the pictures =) but when you have it on your lids you won't really notice that, it just looks black then.

    @ice pandora, jaa ik zie ook heel weinig matte kleurtjes, maar ik houd juist van matte oogschaduws xD wilde juist geen glitters hebbe =p

  6. Ik heb nu net van Sephora een Colorful 9 paletje en ben er erg blij mee :)

  7. @Charlotte, oehh =D welke heb je gehaald ^^?

  8. Ja ik heb die zwarte!

    Ben er echt heel blij mee! Duurde eeeuwen totdat ik eindelijk een goede gepigmenteerde matte zwarte oogschaduw had gevonden!
    echt een must buy als je het mij vraagt ^^

  9. @Tasja, jaa ik vond het ook best moeilijk om het te vinden want meeste zijn met glitters =.="!! lol, de naam hebbe ze dus best goed bedacht xD = must have!

  10. i've never tried ANYTHING from sephora before T__T but i've heard so much stuff about it online, i feel like i really must get my hands on something T__T

  11. @amanda, don't they have a store in australia :o?

  12. wow the black is soooooooooo pigmented no wonder it is expensive! Can you pretty please do a tutorial :))

  13. oh what?! these shadows from sephora are 11 euros each?! omg i'd go for MAC instead...or something from the drugstores given the mediocre level of pigmentation these have :X

  14. Holy cow that's expensive for matte shadows, but the pay off looks alright :o

    I am not big on make up, though. I've never owned matte shadows before ^^

    Are you planning on doing a tutorial with them? :)

  15. Die zien er mooi uit :)

  16. @Tam and Michelle, not sure if i'm going to do a tutorial yet xD need better lighting here in my room to do it ~~

  17. @jennifer, yesss, it's expensive, but they are sometimes on sale: 3 products for 10 euros. so i'm going to wait till the sale comes again xD hehehe


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