14 January 2018

A New Beginning!

Hi All! My apologies for not being active here. It really has been a while that I have posted my last blogpost. As a lot of you already know, I have been more active on my instagram @Sokobeauty, click on that link if you haven't followed me there yet.

I would love to announce that I started a new journey, called Sokobeauty. I wanted to be more focused on beauty, especially Korean beauty, which is why it's called Sokobeauty (South Korean beauty). To spread the word about K-beauty even more, I have created a Youtube account. Feel free to subscribe via this link. I will be sharing reviews, favourites, unboxings and way more (a lot of K-beauty).

My very first vlog is up and an unboxing video, I have linked them down below so you can check it out! I will be less active here, because I would like to focus on those two platforms more (instagram and youtube). However, that doesn't mean I won't come back! Perhaps in the future that I will continue with blogging but for now, I got my hands full. It would be amazing if you could follow me on both platforms where I post every single day (at least on my IG), to keep you up to date with everything!

Thank you so much for all the support that you have been giving me here on my blog: Memorable Days. Thank you so much!

VLOG #1: 


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