TALLY WEiJL - Fall Clothing Collection 2011

TALLY WEiJL is a clothing store from Switzerland and it operates in many countries, like Germany, France, Austria, China and more. They even have 9 stores in The Netherlands. Go to their website to see if there is a TALLY WEiJL store nearby your house. What I love about this store are the clothes and the prices. All clothes are affordable!

The TALLY WEiJL Fall Collection 2011 is finally out! It's a lovely collection with many casual clothing :). Some looks on their website actually makes me think of a "back to school" collection. I'm going to share a few looks of their newest collection that I like. Which look do you like the most?

My favorite look out of the 4 is look #3. It's something I would wear and it's great during Fall with a blazer or jacket on.

My favorite dress of this collection is this pink one (see left picture). Lol, this dress is totally ME! It's only €25,95, so I'm definitely going to buy it if I see this in the store ^___^!  Go to their website to see their whole Fall Collection 2011.

Did you ever go to a TALLY WEiJL store?

Btw. Check out this video for the making of!

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