23 July 2011

TALLY WEiJL - Fall Clothing Collection 2011

TALLY WEiJL is a clothing store from Switzerland and it operates in many countries, like Germany, France, Austria, China and more. They even have 9 stores in The Netherlands. Go to their website to see if there is a TALLY WEiJL store nearby your house. What I love about this store are the clothes and the prices. All clothes are affordable!

The TALLY WEiJL Fall Collection 2011 is finally out! It's a lovely collection with many casual clothing :). Some looks on their website actually makes me think of a "back to school" collection. I'm going to share a few looks of their newest collection that I like. Which look do you like the most?

My favorite look out of the 4 is look #3. It's something I would wear and it's great during Fall with a blazer or jacket on.

My favorite dress of this collection is this pink one (see left picture). Lol, this dress is totally ME! It's only €25,95, so I'm definitely going to buy it if I see this in the store ^___^!  Go to their website to see their whole Fall Collection 2011.

Did you ever go to a TALLY WEiJL store?

Btw. Check out this video for the making of!


  1. Andrea RodriguezJuly 23, 2011 10:48 PM

    Look 4 is more my style (: and that dress is realy cute!

  2.  loving that dress, hope it will look cute in real as well :D

  3.  nice :D ik ook !!! lekker zomers ^^

  4. ik vind 4 de leukste! als ik langs de tally weijl kom, dan ga ik altijd wel even naar binnen! ze hebben leuke kleding! 

  5. Nice one, As i am from India and here in India henna is known as Mehndi Designs, Now diwali is near and i love to put those designs during that festive season with my designer sarees

  6. Das ist alles sehr neu für mich
    und dieser Artikel wirklich öffnete meine eyes.Thanks für den Austausch mit uns deine Weisheit.


    "Karnevalskostüm für Baby"


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