23 July 2011

[FREE] Nail Foil Stickers from Bornprettystore

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the code doesn't work anymore .... They probably gave all the 1000 pcs stickers away, so that's why the code isn't valid anymore. 
Everybody likes free stuff right? As you might know Bornprettystore has many giveaways. In this blogpost I'm going to share another product that you're able to get for free on their website! You are still able to get the free hello kitty stamping plate and the hello kitty nail stickers if you still don't have it. Go to their website for more information: Bornprettystore.com.

This time they prepared 1000 pcs of nail foil stickers for their Facebook fans. There are 16 pieces in one packaging and they are suitable for hand & toe nails. There are 106 patterns, but they will send you a random pattern (one of the 106 patterns), so you won't be able to choose which pattern you want.

What do you have to go to get the FREE nail foil stickers?
1. LIKE them on facebook.
2. Write "Enter me" below their facebook post HERE.
3. Order the item on their website.
4. Make sure you have an account at Paypal AND at bornprettystore.com.
5. Click on add to cart -> check out. After that, click on non registered.
4. Add a comment with your Facebook name.
5. On the next page, click on Paypal express checkout and fill in the Coupon Code: FBREPLY2011.
6. Check out through Paypal and make sure that the outcome is $0.00.
8. And you're done :), you will get an email from them after you've ordered it.

Born Pretty Store ships worldwide for free, you are still able to use the coupon code TENOFFK31 to get 10% off your whole purchase! I'm not sure if you really will get it, but I did order it myself as well, but I haven't received it yet. It usually takes a month to arrive so I hope that I will receive it :). So yeah, this was it for today, I just wanted to share this with you girls. Let me know if you're going to order this as well ^___^ ♥.


  1. The coupon doesn't work anymore

  2. Thanks for sharing this Elisa! They always have so many freebie promos going on. I received my HK nail stickers not too long ago :)

  3.  I noticed =( too bad it doesn't work anymore .. they probably gave all the 1000 pcs away already

  4.  I noticed =( too bad it doesn't work anymore .. they probably gave all the 1000 pcs away already


  5. o ordered this one the first time they gave it away and after a month or less i got it.. i got a random design which was cute and girly.. in case you might want to check it out, its here: http://whenthreeisacrowd.blogspot.com/2011/07/notd-nail-foil-stickers-from-born.html

    Thanks for sharing.. and as for the code, i think they'll have another one soon. they just gave out the second batch..

  6.  Thanks Jel! I just checked it out and it looks great :D. Thanks for sharing!

  7.  yesss they always give away so many things hahah, love it !


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