22 July 2011

Bel Mondo: Bio Cellulose Mask - Skin Lightener Review

I was contacted by Bel Mondo Beauty a month ago to try out their Bio Cellulose masks that they are selling. I have been trying their skin lightener mask for 4 weeks now (1 time per week) and I have to say that I'm able to see some great effects after I've used this mask ^___^. The bio cellulose mask is very different than the normal (paper) masks that I've tried.

Bio cellulose Mask: Skin Lightener Luxury facial treatment featuring Niacinamide and Licorice Extract
The skin lightener mask is ideal for those who want help in lightening their complexion and addressing uneven tone (dark spots) caused by hyper-pigmentation. It contains five active ingredients that works in tandem to inhibit melanin production or correct the effects of its overproduction. This mask is safe for all skin types. In addition to providing lightening benefits, their lightener mask excels at hydrating skin and sealing moisture necessary for healthy skin structure.

   * Lightens skin color/reduces effect of unwanted pigmentation
   * Inhibits melanin production
   * Hydrates and seals moisture barrier
   * Restores suppleness
Source: Bel mondo beauty

Price & Purchase
The bio cellulose mask can be purchased at Bel Mondo Beauty. The price of a single mask is $22.- and it also comes in a box of 5 masks which costs $90.- ($18 per mask). As you can see it's quite expensive, but I've seen other brands which are also selling bio cellulose masks that are even more expensive o_o". I did some research and I noticed that the normal price range of bio cellulose masks are actually between the $10 - $20 per mask, quite expensive huh...? 

The masks from Bel Mondo Beauty comes in a carton box. The cover is yellow with the brand name and the type of mask on it. This box contains 5 skin lightener masks.
At the back of the box you can see a description of the skin lightener mask, a list of the ingredients and a short  explanation about how to use the mask. 
The same text on the box is printed at the back of the masks.

A small close up of the packaging of the mask (front and back).
You probably didn't notice it in the pictures above, but the packaging is HUGE. It's almost as big as a A4 paper! However, the size of the mask does fit on my face. It looks like this when I grabbed the mask out of the packaging (see left picture below). The mask was soaked with heaps of serum and there was a lot of serum in the packaging left. I applied the rest of the serum on my neck and hands, don't waste any of it right ^__^?!  

Scent & Material
It doesn't really have a scent, not everybody likes to have a scent on their mask so I think it's good that it's scentless. The mask is translucent, stretchy and gelatinous. At first I thought it'd be fragile and tear easily, but it turned out to be an incredibly strong yet flexible film. Thin but strong.
The material is totally different than a paper mask. This unique material transfers skincare ingredients way better than ordinary, non-woven fiber or paper-type masks. It also has a very high water-retention quality so the skin care ingredients get transferred to the skin effectively. Want to read more about the bio cellulose mask, go to their website for more information: http://belmondobeauty.com.

How to use
Cleanse face. Open the packaging and get the mask out. It is infused with ingredients and is very moist, the serum drips so it's advisable to put something under it. The mask has three layers. Remove the semi-transparent film (#1). Position the middle layer (the bio cellulose mask, #2) over your entire face. Smooth mask so that it seals tightly to the skin. Remove the white film (#3). Allow ingredients to absorb for 20 minutes. The skin will feel cool, refreshed and rejuvenated. If residue of mask ingredients remains, massage in gently.
Pure water, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, niacinamide, glyceryl polymethacrylate, kava kava, grapefruit extract, melaclear-2, licorice extract, hydrolyzed milk protein, nonapeptide-1, hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium polystyrene sulfonate, methylparaben, polymeric sulfonic acid, xanthan gum, hydrogenated castor oil, hyaluronic acid, fragrance. Read more about the ingredients on their website: Ingredients page.

My opinion
It's the first time that you see me with a mask on lol xD. No instant lightening effects could be seen after the first usage, but it was definitely noticeable after a few usages. My dark spots were lighter than before. I guess it's only effective if you use it at least once a week ^__^. The thing that I really like about this mask is the high water-retention. I accidentally left the mask on for 2 hours once (I fell asleep) and the mask was still moist after wards, which is wonderful. Also, I like the material of the mask, its flexible, strong, it feels comfortable, it even covers the eyes and it seals tightly to the skin. The only downside of this product is the price... This mask ain't cheap, but I'm sure that I will purchase this in the future since it really worked for me.

Would you like to purchase this mask? Go to BelMondoBeauty.com.

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