29 January 2011

[FREE] Hello Kitty Nailart Stamping Plate & Rhinestones

Another free stuff post today and this time it's internationally which means that everyone can get it ^_^! Thank you to sweet Jennifer for sharing this on her blog. Have you heard of the website Bornprettystore before? This online shop is selling lots of nail art stuff like rhinestones, dotting pens, konad nail art plates but also lenses and fake lashes :) Make sure to check this site out cuz their assortment is LARGE o_o!

Bornprettystore is giving away two things that I really wanted to have, which is the Hello Kitty stamping plate and Rhinestones (12 Colors 2mm Rhinestone Nail Art Decoration)! I've tweeted about this before, but I just wanted to share it here so that more people will know about this site.
Source: pictures are from Bornprettystore
First of all, it's not a giveaway where there is only one winner, they will send it to everybody for FREE! No purchase is necessary and there is NO shipping fee as well, it doesn't matter where you live! I was like... "For real o_o?" when I read this for the first time lol. I've ordered both items already and the hello kitty plate is shipped already^^ hope that I will receive it soon, it takes a while since they are shipping it from China :).

What do you have to do to get the free gifts?
How to get the CUTE Hello Kitty stamping plate:
Step 1: Go to this link and click on add to cart.
Step 2: Fill in your shipping address and check out with the promocode: BP299
Step 3: DONE! They will send you an email very soon to say that the product is shipped.

How to get the Rhinestones:
Step 1: Follow them on twitter: http://twitter.com/bornprettystore
Step 2: RT this post: http://twitter.com/bornprettystore/status/23009339748909056
Step 3: Send your RT link and twitter username to cs@bornprettystore.com and you will get the code for the rhinestones.
Step 4: After you received the promocode, go to this link to order them. It's ALL FOR FREE!

I will use these products for some nail art tutorials after I received it, so it will be fun if you order them as well =D. Please leave a comment here, if you ordered this by reading this blogpost ^_^.

NOTICE: Bornprettystore is currently on holiday celebrating Chinese New Year, but they will be back on the 8th of February 2011. So they will reply your email after the holidays. Btw. they didn't asked or paid me to post this, I just wanted to share this with my followers :).


  1. Oooh, die ga ik bestellen! :) Je moet dus voor die eerste wel eerst dit invullen:
    http://www.bornprettystore.com/create_account.php ? :)

  2. Deze ga ik zeker bestellen!
    Ik heb al een mailtje gestuurd en ik heb jouw site er ook in vermeld. Dan hoop ik voor je dat ik iets goeds voor je site heb gedaan :)

    En trouwens het automatische mailtje wat ik toekreeg, stond wel een code in voor 10% off. Deze klopt toch niet voor de gratis rhinestones?

    Je bent geweldig Elisa, mooi dat je dit deelt!

  3. Gedaan! Superleuk! Kan niet wachten tot ik het krijg :D

  4. @Marieke, jup klopt ^^ moest gewoon een account aanmaken en daar gelijk je bezorgadres invullen :)

    @Sam, ahww dank je wel ^^, nee, die 10% off is niet voor de gratis rhinestones. Je krijgt een aparte email terug met duidelijk geschreven dat het de code is voor de rhinestones. Ze replyen zoiezo wel, maar ik denk na 8 februari pas, omdat ze nu op vakantie zijn :).

    @Franca, ik kan ook niet wachten totdat ik het krijg hahah =D

  5. haha mijn eerste reactie was ook zo van "echt waar?!" haha :P
    Ik heb de plate besteld en ik heb de code voor de steentjes ook aan gevraagd. En ik heb je blog genoemd waar je moest aan geven hoe je er op kwam :D Echt súper bedankt om dit te delen!!

  6. ahhh yes! just sent email, hopefully promo code will come soon ^_^

  7. Reply to sisier, and elle

    @Sisier, bedankt dat je me blog erbij hebt gezet ^^

    @Elle, They will probably email you back after the 8th of february cause they are on holiday now :) (Chinese new year!)

  8. Hehe. I just did it !
    Thanks so much for letting us know Elisa <3

  9. WOW!
    I didn't know that there is such thing. Haha.
    BTW, I just ordered the hello kitty stamp. I hope it'll come. :D

    Thank you so much for sharing it! :D

  10. WOWOWOW thanks for sharing! Yes please for nail tutorial, mine are in need of something sassy :D

  11. Thanks for sharing =3 I also order it ^^

  12. Heb die Hello Kitty plate besteld, ben benieuwd! Hopelijk gaat het me niet alsnog heel veel geld kosten ;)

  13. @Marjolein, haha ben zelf ook benieuwd =P !!

  14. @tam, jup jup.. i will make a nail tutorial when I received the product =P

  15. thanks :) but i think it expired! D: tell us all about it!! :)

  16. @hihihi! really? hmmm.. it did said that there was only 1000 stamping plate available =/

  17. Thnx, I ordered. I hope they're still in stock! (:

  18. Thnx, I ordered. I hope they're still in stock! (:

  19. Heb die Hello Kitty plate besteld, ben benieuwd! Hopelijk gaat het me niet alsnog heel veel geld kosten ;)

  20. I have similar Nail art stamping plat, I will look for some Hello Kitty in e-shops in our country because it is good idea. I like funny nails :-) I would like to ask you girls - have you found some websites where are nail art samples? I found www.designs-nail-art.com/nail-art, but no another :-( There is only a few samples, but I would like to find some books where are many many samples for inspiration :-) Thanks for answer girls :-)

  21.  there are many nail art magazines online ^^ and you can get inspiration on tumblr ;)


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