TALLY WEiJL - Spring Clothing Collection 2011

The whole Spring Collection 2011 of TALLY WEiJL is out ^o^! Have you seen the new layout of their website already: http://www.tally-weijl.com. I think that their new layout is way better than the previous one, it will at least give you a great overview of their whole collection. Anyways, I was browsing on their website and I saw a few cute items that I wanted to share with you ^^. Hmm...... and I think it's time to go to their shop again hihi ^ㅂ^ it's great that the items that they are selling are affordable, great for students like us right?
Which look do you like the most: the first, second or third look?

Do you remember my previous TALLY WEiJL post about their cute accessories: http://www.memorable-days.net/2011/01/tally-weijl-spring-collection-2011.html? They have added a lot of accessories to their collection and these are a few that I like, yes i know =p lol bows again! hahaha and straw hats are still hot right :) ?!
They also sell this polka dot umbrella with a bunny case :3 So cuteeee~~~ ME WANTSSS (>O_o)>!!!

Source: tally-weijl.com

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