What's your biggest beauty & fashion disaster?

It's time for another question of the week. This week's question is: What's your biggest beauty & fashion disaster? Self tanner streaks, deodorant residue, mascara smudges, a wrong lipstick, a run in your tights, an ugly haircut etc.? Share your beauty & fashion disasters in the comment section.

Source: pictures found through google search

My answer
Beauty: Mine was probably a wrong foundation =.=" I bought the wrong color which didn't match my skin tone, I didn't notice it and just used it. However, I forgot to apply foundation on my neck, so the color difference was very noticable. My face was darker than my neck lol, totally wrong....!

Fashion: My most embarrassing one was that I wore a translucent black dress and a translucent legging lol, very BAD combination. You couldn't even see my underclothing but people kept staring and some even pointed at me because it was translucent =.=". I wore this while I was in China by the way.. People who have been in China know that they are kind of prudish there. I felt darn uncomfortable walking in that dress, so I ran back home and changed as fast as I could >_<' and I never wore that dress again. Will never forget this embarrassing moment.. x_x the end.

So tell me.. What's your biggest beauty & fashion disaster?

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