25 July 2011

What's your biggest beauty & fashion disaster?

It's time for another question of the week. This week's question is: What's your biggest beauty & fashion disaster? Self tanner streaks, deodorant residue, mascara smudges, a wrong lipstick, a run in your tights, an ugly haircut etc.? Share your beauty & fashion disasters in the comment section.
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My answer
Beauty: Mine was probably a wrong foundation =.=" I bought the wrong color which didn't match my skin tone, I didn't notice it and just used it. However, I forgot to apply foundation on my neck, so the color difference was very noticable. My face was darker than my neck lol, totally wrong....!

Fashion: My most embarrassing one was that I wore a translucent black dress and a translucent legging lol, very BAD combination. You couldn't even see my underclothing but people kept staring and some even pointed at me because it was translucent =.=". I wore this while I was in China by the way.. People who have been in China know that they are kind of prudish there. I felt darn uncomfortable walking in that dress, so I ran back home and changed as fast as I could >_<' and I never wore that dress again. Will never forget this embarrassing moment.. x_x the end.

So tell me.. What's your biggest beauty & fashion disaster?


  1. ahahah I was a big disaster almost in everything before! I tell you:
    (one of my) make up disaster: I still remember my first foundation, years ago the girl at the shop tested on my hand a foundation and told me that was the right one for me and I bought it. The result? It was yellow and It made me look sick, It was for dry/sensitive skin (I suppose my skin that day looked really dry but it is combination) and everytime I tried to used it, it started to melt! :S
    fashion: I bought  sisley jeans, I used them twice and the last time they broke near my ass... that's so sad. I was at shool and it was my bd!!O_o
    Probably they were  fake or defective !
    have a nice day

  2. I'm a minimalist when it comes to make up, so I always forget I have make up on, on those days I decide to apply a bit. This has happened a few times...I would rub my eye forgetting I have eyeliner and mascara. Well, we can all guess the result. I look like I got punched in one eye hahahaha

    Your fashion story is interesting because sheer clothing is so in trend these days that you prolly wouldn't get odd stares in Europe and America. Funny how fashion can make something that's usually deem ridiculous to be popular.

  3. Well I don't use make up, but a big no-go got to be: overdone, kilo's, hugehuge make up face! Dan is het gewoon vies in plaats van mooi..

    And as for fashion: I kind of liking being not following the mainstream and going for my own style :P Sometimes people stare and gaze at me like zombies but oh well. I never liked guys wearing sandals.. but last time I saw a guy walking in Birkenstocks and I was like "ohhh kind of cute" :o so haha~ I think fashion is very changeable, it can be hot today or not the other day..

    xxx http://icepandora.blogspot.coom

  4. Pfff lastig, qua beauty, waarschijnlijk op de middelbare school, toen ik ging voor huuuge spinnepoten wimpers, iedereen in de klas had het en ik deed gezellig mee, terwijl het eigenlijk super lelijk was... en qua fashion? haha ik ga voor alles wat ik droeg in mijn skater-achtige periode, met name de overzeas broeken, ohmygod what was I thinking??

  5. Mijn hoofd is van nature al donkerder dan mijn nek... Mijn hoofd heeft een lastige lichte kleur waar je nauwelijks foundation voor kunt krijgen, behalve dure (MAC enzo) en mijn nek is zo ongeveer WIT. Maar hier heb ik nog nooit gefaald... Waar ik heb gefaald is selftanner: ORANJE BENEN! Dus in de hitte maar met een lange broek gelopen... xD

  6.  bij mij is het juist andersom, doordat ik whitening producten gebruik haha.. maar ik wil weer bruin worden x___x"

  7. njaaa, je gaat mee met de trend zoals vele andere :P zeker als je terug denkt naar die lelijke stijlen moet je der vast weer om lachen xD had ik tenminste wel toen ik oude foto's bekeek hahah..

  8.  agree, too much make up is so obvious and ugly.. i like natural looks as well..

    je eigen stijl hebben is iets goeds en er zeker in voelen dat is helemaal goed ;) dus houden zo..

  9. hahah, i had the same incident when i didn't know much about make up.. i didn't know that there were waterproof products back then.. so everything kept smudging because of my oily skin.. and i didn't know why. i looked like a panda afterwards =.= sigh

  10.  whoa those jeans broke near your ass? that's embarrassing =$ omg.. I hope that people had a cardigan or something to cover it?

  11. yes, I had a jacket with me and I covered my ass! XD

  12.  whoa, lucky you had that !!! haha :D i had nothing to cover my outfit =( so i just ran as fast as i could back home :P

  13. HAha aww poor you. I have a similar clothing experience too. When I was in high school my pair of jeans ripped without me knowing. I had this huge gash on the back of my thigh right under my butt =.= beauty wise...it would prob have to be smudged liner when I first started wearing makeup. I always looked like a racoon by midday lol

  14. bangbangsheshootsJuly 28, 2011 7:28 AM

    definitely smudging mascara or eyeliner hahaha all in day time or at work!! oh the horror.... 

    As for fashion I bought this knitted vest top from zara or mango years and years ago and it was so short and loose it just didn't work - thats why I hardly shop at sales :P

  15.  hahah, totally know what you're saying cause my mascara keeps smudging all the time as well.. (ugh hates oily eyelids lol)

  16. LOL, interesting topic you have here.
    Then again, there hasn't been a day when I don't do something stupid :P

    Beauty: Smudging like a bloody raccoon. I have mono lids so I never crease but forever smudge. Our weather here doesnt help being all hot and humid


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