26 July 2011

Dripping nail art tutorial

Today I would like to show you this dripping nail art tutorial. It's extremely easy and everybody can do it. It's probably my easiest tutorial. I only used 4 nail polishes (including base and top coat) for this tutorial and no tools. This nail art makes me think of the Monster energy drink... XD probably because of the black and green colors. 

Nail polishes
I used a black nail polish from Dear' Lee and a green nail polish from Barry M which is called Mint green.

Step 1: Apply a base coat
Step 2: Apply a black nail polish
Step 3: Apply the green nail polish on the tips of your nails, make a dripping effect. As you can see in the picture I applied a thick coat. Therefore it will take a bit longer to dry. However you can also just apply a thin coat if you want to. 
Step 4: When everything is dry, apply a top coat.


  1. Haha so cute idee ^__^ it looks like ice cream xx

  2. Thanks! I reeaally like ur blog ^^ hmmh might even try this nail design today!

  3.  thank youuuu :D !! haha would love to see it on your nails :D

  4. Hehe this is a cute tutorial! :)

  5. You always have the cutest nails! This reminds me of chocolate mint ice cream. haha *yum!

  6. bangbangsheshootsJuly 28, 2011 7:57 AM

    looks very cute and yummy hehe

  7. This looks so cool, I love it!


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