09 July 2011

SASA Haul - Japanese beauty products

YER YER YER! A month ago, I bought a few Japanese products at Sasa, my favorite online shop ^__^ ♥. These are products that I wanted to try for a long long time now. I waited for a while to order from them since some of the products were out of stock for quite a while. Anyways, I will name and link the products that I bought below. Btw. when you put my email at the "referred by" area when you make an account at sasa.com you are able to get 2% off at your first purchase when using promocode: SASA_WELCOME. Not much, but it's something and you will also get 2 free gifts ;).

The first product is the Hyaluronic Acid Washing Foam from JUJU Cosmetics, I haven't tried this product out yet, but I had read some reviews about it and it was told that it was better than the washing foam from Hadalabo, so I bought this instead. There is 120 g in it and it cost $6.30, very inexpensive for such a large tube! I've been looking for a hydrating washing foam for a very long time and I hope that this one really works. I'm not done with my current face wash yet, so I will wait until I finished the whole bottle before I open this one.
The next product is the famous eyelash curler no. 71  of the brand KOJI. Many positive reviews are posted on blogs about this eyelash curler and I totally agree with the reviews. It's so far so good! KOJI is selling many eyelash curlers which are suitable for different kinds of eye shapes. This one is the no. 71 and is sold for $7.10 at Sasa. 
I've seen this product at a Taiwanese TV show 女人我最大 and on several blogs before. It's the Apple Gommage gel-type cleanser  from Rosette. It has a limited edition Hello Kitty packaging which is way too cute ^o^! People are saying that this is similar to the Cure Natural Aqua Gel. I've been using this product for a few weeks and I will write a review about it soon hihi ;). This tube was only $9.10 for 120 g, not expensive at all!
This hydrating lotion has become my favorite product! It's the Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion from Hadalabo. I tried a sample of this product before and I finally purchased a large bottle of it :D. As y'll know I'm very positive about this hydrating lotion and it really has a great effect on my skin. If you haven't read my review about it, you can read it here. I will write a part 2 about this product so stay tuned!

I bought another product from Hadalabo. Yes, I'm starting to love this brand lol! This is a moisturizing cream and I'm using it as my day cream. It costs $14.20 for a 50 g jar. The product is very sheer, so you won't need much product at once. One jar goes a long way.
This is the Ultra Honey Hair Mask  from Essential. I've seen this product on Eki's blog before and in one of Bubzbeauty's videos. They both highly recommended this hair mask and I definitely want to try this out as well. There is 200 g of product in it and it's sold for $11.90 at Sasa.
The last product is called the Konjac Jelly Massage Cleansing Puff. The sponge has a heart shape ^__^. It neutralizes and decomposes facial dirt so that you can clean your face without cleansing milk. I have seen this product at one of BeautyQQ's videos before and she recommended this product, so that's the main reason why I bought it. Lol watching Youtube videos aren't good for my wallet xD! Anyways, this product is sold for $5.80 at Sasa. I do think it's quite expensive for a sponge, it better be good haha!
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