08 July 2011

Why isn't there a new blog post today?

Hi my lovely readers ♥,
You've probably noticed that I started to blog less than you're used to. Why? The main reason is because I'm working on a new layout hehe ^___^. I'm kind of tired of this one, it just doesn't have much color, so I decided to change the layout :). The new layout will be up soon ^___^ stay tuned hihi.

Have you missed my blogposts? Some followers asked me before why I blog so often.... Let me explain it here, many bloggers that I'm following are blogging every day so it will keep the interests of the readers. This somehow influenced me and I thought that it would be great for my readers as well. That's why I started to blog every day and I did get more viewers and followers because of it.

However, a blogpost per day is probably too much for some followers. Therefore I would like to ask you to vote at the two polls below.

I would love to hear from you guys if you have any comments about this and if your answer is not listed in the poll, feel free to answer it in the comment section ;). Anyways, thank you for voting sweeties ( ^)(^-^)♥ !


  1. I can't wait for your new layout :) xx

  2. Ik heb 5-7 artikelen en de tweede: alles! :D Ik vind al je artikelen super.

  3. @Sam, ahhww, super lief ^__^ dank je wel ♥!

  4. ahaha i always enjoy your blogposts, dont slow down and its nice you're skilled in layouts!! ^^ it seems DIY and daily posts are on the top right now ;) that was what i voted

  5. Voted! Hope our feedback helps :)

  6. @hihihi + Joey: thank you for voting! it sure helped ^__^, and thank you for being one of my loyal followers, i really really appreciate it ♥ *mwuah*!

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing your new layout Elisa! I've been wanting to change mine up too, but I'm too lazy to start lol. I think that it's really admirable that you blog so often - I wish I had as much motivation as you do to do the same!

  8. @rinny, to be honest.. my motivation did drop =/. There was a long period that i blogged every day and i had lots of motivation back then. However, it somehow dropped x___x".

  9. I agree with you that new layout makes us tired and sometimes i left working because its a tough job to do.
    I know your feelings right now. i am waiting for than complete your work and than come back.


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