06 July 2011

Sexy Look x Hello Kitty Limited Edition

Sexy Look
Sexy Look is a Taiwanese brand which became popular because of their earlobe sheet masks (I still want to try those btw.). I was looking at the July 2011 issue of Vivi and saw an ad about the new Hello Kitty skincare line of Sexy Look (see ad on the left). There aren't many information about this on the internet because they just launched it on the market. Click on the left picture to enlarge.

Where to buy?
The Hello Kitty skin care line can be purchased at the 7/11 stores in Taiwan. This line includes sheet masks, a sunscreen, dotting papers, a facial wash and more. I would love to try these products, but it's so expensive online. I saw that it was also sold on Ebay, user: Beauty Beyong Boutique, but it's EXPENSIVE there though.

You can see two types of sheet masks of Sexy Look in the picture below ^___^. The picture is taken by a blogger who was visiting Taiwan. There are 5 masks in each box, it sure looks very CUTE ^o^~!
Source picture: blogger pxdkitty

Look at the "How to use" section, it's so CUTE XD! Left products are the two sheet masks: dark pink = moiturizing white rose mask, light pink = hyaluronic acid mask. Right product is a sunscreen.
The left products are dotting papers to remove oil from the face. The right product is a sakura whitening moisturizing spray.
Left product is a cleansing oil, the right product is a whitening cleanser.
Source: pictures are from Sexy Look Facebook page
Which of the above products would you purchase?
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