30 July 2011

Swarovski collaborates with Sanrio, Hello Kitty

Swarovski had collaborated with Hello Kitty creator Sanrio co to display a special “House of Hello Kitty” event which was held from the 30th of June - 10th of July 2011 in Tokyo. The collection features 31 Swarovski + Hello Kitty accessories. They are available for purchase – all to benefit the Japanese Red Cross Tohoku earthquake relief. The international sales of the collection starts at the beginning of August 2011.

Everybody knows Hello Kitty, it's a global icon over the past four decades. This icon never gets old! In this picture below you can see The Limited Edition Hello Kitty. It's exclusive since only 88 pieces are available worldwide. This masterpiece features 20,000 crystals applied by hand using Swarovski’s signature technique.
Source: swarovski.com
This masterpiece is so pretty! I'm sure that it will be sold out within a day since there are only 88 pieces in the whole world o_o". Which one is your favorite of the collection? I love the cute little red bows that are attached on some of the jewelries ^__^ it's so cuteee!!! I love hello kitty ='D I'm definitely going to visit a Swarovski store to see this collection with my own eyes. Check out the rest of the collection and the prices on their website: www.swarovski.com. These are some of the jewelries in the Swarovski x Hello Kitty collection:

Summary of the "House of Hello Kitty" event (scroll to 1.09)


  1. omgoshhh!!! so cute!! i want those bowtie dangly earrings!! 

  2.  me toooo !!!! it's so cute :D

  3.  i love the red bow attached ^___^! makes it extra cute

  4. awww~ those are adorable! I love hello kitty ^///^!!

  5. Omg these are too cute to pass up! Right now Im really loving the crystal that just sits there and does nothing but look cute hahaha I might get it for my mum since she collects these things =P Just as an excuse hehehe

    Oh and I love your new blog layout!

  6.  Thank you ^-^~! Really? She collects this :o ? whoa you probably have a whole stash at home then.. i used to have that as well since my parents used to collect it haha..

  7. Wat een schatjes! <3 ik irriteer me eraan hoe hij 'holloh kittie' zegt xD

  8. hahaha, ik had dat helemaal niet door xD


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