01 August 2011

Cow print nail art tutorial

MOOOOOO~!!! Today I'm showing you my latest nail art creation which is the cow print nail art. It was extremely easy to do this (I say this all the time lol >.<") . I only used a dotting pencil to create the black stains. AAAAH! It looks so cute right haha ^-^~!
Step 1: Apply a base coat and let it dry.
Step 2: Apply a white nail polish and let it dry. 
Step 3: Draw some black stains with a dotting pencil on the 4 nails. I used the white dotting pencil here.
Wait till the 4 nails are dry, before you start with your thumb nail.
Step 4: Apply 2 large black stains on your thumb nail.
Step 5: Use a light pink nail polish to create the nose. No dotting pen is needed to create the nose, just use your nail polish brush. Leave some space between the nose and the 2 large black stains.
Step 6: Create 2 small stains between the pink nose and the large black stains.
Step 7: When it's dry, apply some eyes and nose holes with your dotting pen.
Step 8: Apply a top coat when all nails are dry.
What did I use for this tutorial..?
- Base & Top coat from HEMA, Dutch store
- Dear'Lee black nail polish
- Dear'Lee white nail polish
- Catrice #210 Just married
- White dotting pencil
I hope you liked this nail art creation/tutorial. Please show me yours if you're going to create this as well ^___^~! You can tweet a picture or post it on my facebook, I would love to see it ♥!


  1. Oh heel leuk, ik ga hem proberen. Supercute. Love cows ;)

  2. aaah wat leuk! jammer dat mijn nagels te klein zijn voor zulk soort nailart!

  3. This is SOOOO cute! I love the cow's face on your thumb. You're so creative when it comes to nail art. Love it!

  4. Vooral je duim is super schattig!

  5. OMG! That cow is just sooo adorable! I wanna have such a cute cow too >_____< -♥Thanks for the cute post!! YIPPEE!

  6. thank you!! :D ahh jaaaa zeker doennn :D 

  7.  klein of groot. kan bij allebei ;)

  8.  ahww, thank you joey ^^ <3

  9. omfg thats so effing cute!!! <3

  10. This is so cute and creative! I love it!

  11. SO ADORABLE! This would be a great addition to Tutorial Tuesday!

  12. AAH wat super schattig!!! :D

  13. Awww that's SO CUTE *O* Gonna try this soon~
    You're super creative :)

  14.  thank youu <3 would love to see yours :D

  15. this is adorable!!!!!!!  I might even have to try it myself!!!  so cuuuuute

  16. Omg these are soo cute Elisa! I love how your made a little cow face on your thumb :D

  17. Totally Dutch! =))) So cute!! =))

  18. aaah, hij is zo schattig! :D 

  19. i'm obsessed with this! this is amazing and super cute :) i want to do it now!


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