30 January 2012

Macau Trip - OMG Kim Hyun Joong!

Finally, my blogpost about my Macau Trip is online hehe (beware, picture heavy).. I know it took a while :). I went to Macau for one day and it was my first time there. I never knew that Macau was so small xD, but I did love the place. Macau is definitely the Chinese version of Venice and Les Vegas ^-^ The buildings were so pretty there and whoa those casino's were HUGEEEE o_o"! I just did a bit of sightseeing and had a lot of Macau snacks there hehehe...Check out the pictures that I took :).

29 January 2012

Zoya - Pandora #ZP563 Swatch

While I was in Hong Kong I bought a few nail polishes which aren't available in The Netherlands, like nail polishes of the brand Zoya. In this blogpost I'm going to swatch the nail polish Pandora #ZP563. This nail polish is a part of their Touch Nude Nail polish collection (limited edition). Keep on reading if you want to see some swatches. By the way, I recently made my own light box and I took the following pictures in this blogpost with it. To be honest, I'm quite satisfied with the outcome hihi ^___^ I love the white background ='D.

26 January 2012

NOTD: Longing for Spring!

I actually wanted to make a tutorial of this creation, but the pictures that I took sucked because of the crappy lighting on that day >.<". Therefore, I created a NOTD (Nails of the day) blogpost instead. As you can see I used some soft colors. Light blue and pink is probably not the perfect combination but it does makes me thing of Spring. I'm sick and tired of the cold weather in The Netherlands and I can't wait until it turns a bit hotter here ^^.

I'm digging this creation lately: 2 colors with something in between, which can be a pattern or just a simple line.
Which nail polishes did I use? 
- ZOYA pandora #ZP563
- Catrice Am I blue or green? #540
- Essence nail art tip painter #01 silver sparkle

The colors in this picture looks slightly darker than in real because I took this picture in the shadows.

25 January 2012

Review: Dr. van der Hoog Crazy Cranberry Mask

A few weeks ago I received a few products from Dr. van der Hoog for review purposes. It's a Dutch brand, so people who are living outside The Netherands might not know this brand. They recently changed their whole skincare range including their masks and they have added a lot of new products to their assortment. In this blogpost I'm going to review the Crazy Cranberry mask. It's a nourishing and protective mask.

24 January 2012

LIZ LISA Spring Collection 2012 - Love Pasterine

LIZ LISA released their Spring Collection 2012, which is called Love Pasterine. LIZ LISA is a Japanese brand. Tsubasa Masuwaka was a model of this brand before. I'm totally in love with this collection, everything looks so cute, even the models are looking cute AAHH \^o^/! As you can see, there are a lot of pastel colored pieces, pieces with lace and floral print which are absolutely adorable and great for this Spring! My favorite piece in this collection is the Nude blazer o.o definitely would love to buy that! Click on read more below to see more of this collection.

23 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快樂! 恭喜发财!

Happy Chinese New Year everybody! It's the year of the DRAGON ^___^!! Did you get a lot of red envelopes this year? I received some cute ones, like this Hello kitty hong bao!!

21 January 2012

Small Giveaway: Win a Mirror Necklace

I recently bought this cute vintage necklace for a mini giveaway ^__^. When I reached 500 followers I didn't even celebrate it, so I'm planning to hold some small giveaways to thank you all :). It's internationally and everybody may join ^___^.


20 January 2012

Review: Dolly Eye - Rosy Rosa Pink Lenses from Uniqso

In this blogpost I'm going to review the Dolly Eye - Rosy Rosa Pink circle lenses. I recieved these lenses from Uniqso.com a month ago. Yes I know, I'm a bit late with this review >.<" but I finally had the time to write a blogpost about it :). Uniqso mainly sells circle lenses, so if you're interested in lenses you must check this website out since their assortment is huge! They really sell a lot of circle lenses and from different brands as well ;). I totally fell in love when I saw these Rosy Rosa circle lenses on their website. The pattern looks extremely cool and cute ^___^~! Check out the roses, OMG!! Keep on reading if you're interested!


18 January 2012

Vivi JP magazine, February 2012 issue - mag scans

I hope you enjoyed the previous issue of Vivi, because there is a new one out already: Vivi Japan February 2012 issue! If you haven't checked the previous issue, you can easily CLICK HERE and enjoy the January mag scans :).

February 2012 issue
3 Cute Girls are on the cover this time! It's Mitsuki Oishi, Yukina Kinoshita and Reina Trindle (from left to right) ^__^! In this issue you will see some winter outfits but also some Spring outfits! Lovely pastel colors are still HOT this Spring, like the colors: pale pink, lavender, lemon yellow and mint green! In this February issue you will see a short article about Super Junior and ofcourse some make up and hair tutorials as well ;).

Would you like to read the whole Vivi February 2012 issue? DOWNLOAD.
Edit: Since MU and FS is down, I've uploaded this issue on mediafire. The link is working again :).
This is my favorite outfit in this issue, so vintage style and great for the Spring ^^:

16 January 2012

Hong Kong: SASA Haul Part 2

This is part 2 of my SASA haul which is also the last part :). On my previous sasa haul post I showed a lot of skincare products and this time Im going to show you some make up products and tools that I bought. All products are purchased at SASA stores in Hong Kong. Looks a lot right ^^? Let's see what I bought shall we ...

Have you missed part 1 of my sasa haul, check it out: CLICK HERE.


15 January 2012

Going to Paris to see 2PM, SNSD, BEAST, T-ARA, SHINee

OMG! OMG! I'm super excited, I just bought tickets to the Music Bank K-POP Festival concert! 2PM, Girls Generation (SNSD), BEAST, T-ARA, SHINee, 4Minute, U-Kiss and SISTAR are going to be there!!!! OMG, So many groups! I'm going because of 2PM actually :P (Nickhun & Taecyeon!!!) but I do love the songs from SNSD, BEAST and U-Kiss as well :D so yeah.. that's why I'm going hihihihi... These 8 groups are going to perform in Paris on the 8th of February 2012! This is a part of their KBS World Music Bank Tour. In 2012 they probably will go to America as well, but it hasn't been confirmed yet.

WOOT WOOT! So many Kpop groups performed in Europe lately ^^. I'm so happy that more and more groups are coming to Europe. Last year it was SMTOWN and this year it's Music bank! However, as y'll know I don't live in Paris >.<", so I do need to take a 3,5 hour train to go there X___X and that's probably going to be a boring and long trip, but i'm sure it's going to be worth it ^___^. AHHHHHHHHHHHH, I can't wait, I can't wait !!! Don't worry, I'm going to bring my camera and try to take some nice videos for you girls~ YER YER YER =D!

13 January 2012

Fotoshop by Adobé - Makes you look like a model!

After seeing this video I just had to share it on my blog, because I know that you will think this is interesting to watch xD! I received this video from a friend and this totally made me laugh while I watched it! It reminds us that nobody is perfect, even models & celebs aren't. Their pictures are just photoshopped. Seriously, this is the best video I've ever seen who sends that message out clearly. Just watch ...

Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten.
Lol so funny that he added the slogan from Maybelline at the end: "Maybe she's born with it" hahaha.. XD

Models and celebs are making us feel insecure. Why do girls want to loose weight? Why do we want to be tall like models? Why do we prefer the perfect head shape? Why the hell do girls think like this....? This is all thanks to the media and photoshop! It's just because we all think that that's the perfect look. *sigh... These are the things that makes most of the girls feel insecure about their looks nowadays. However, we have to keep in mind that NOBODY in this world is perfect. Most of the models and celebs are using make up to cover their imperfections and are photoshopped to make them look perfect.

I'm sure that this video will go around the world within a short time, just wait ;). What do you think of the video?

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12 January 2012

JOIN My Camwhore Contest & WIN!

Camwhore, camwhore, camwhore... who is the biggest Camwhore Queen? Join my contest to win some lovely prizes (includes make up & skincare products and fashion accessories!) ^___^. Continue with reading if you want to know more about this contest...

11 January 2012

Beauty Tips: How to cure dry, flaky skin?

Ugh... it's THE time of the year again.. I have a combinated dry skin and recently I keep getting dry and flaky spots on my face which I totally hate! A lot of people will have it during the winter (because of the cold weather) and some will suffer from it no matter what time of the year it is. I usually have it during the winter and it really looks ugly when I have foundation on my face. The common dry spots are the nose, mouth, cheeks and above the eyebrows area. In this blogpost I'm going to give you a few tips for your dry and flaky skin which helped on my skin. Continue with reading if you want to know more ;)..
source picture: o5.com. I couldn't find an appropriate picture so i added this picture lol

09 January 2012

Review: Dr. van der Hoog Handsome Hand cream

These few weeks I've been trying out Dr. van der Hoog products, which is a Dutch skincare brand. Check out my previous review about their day cream! Today I'm going to review their Handsome repair hand cream (Handsome Herstellende Handcrème). I've never reviewed a hand cream before, so this is going to be my first review of it!

08 January 2012

My Daiso / Jusco Haul in Hong Kong

YER YER YER, Y'll know that I went to Hong Kong a few weeks ago: check out my travel posts. And of course I also went to Daiso Japan while I was in Hong Kong. That store is called Jusco over there, but they sell the same products as the Daiso stores which are located in other countries. I did some research about Daiso products before I went there (yeah, I did my homework lol). There was one thing that I noticed while searching information about Daiso products: I COULDN'T FIND THE PRICES OF THE PRODUCTS T_T which was weird ....

Daiso price tags
It was weird that I couldn't find the prices of the products on the internet but what was even weirder? No price tags could be found on the products in the store either!!! I was scared that I would end up with a huge bill o___O. However, when I went to the cashier, I noticed that EVERY product was just 12HKD. WHOA Damn cheap, every product for just €1.-!!! So Daiso is like a Dollar shop (apparently I didn't do my homework correctly lol). Anyways, omg only €1.-, so cheap right and the products are all from Japan! The quality of the products are quite good as well. They really sell the craziest Japanese products at Daiso xD. Some are very useful and some are very cute but useless hahah. I think I have fallen in LOVE with this shop! Are you curious of what I bought? Lets check it out!

06 January 2012

Review: Dr. van der Hoog Fresh Expression Day cream

People who are living in The Netherlands must have heard about this brand: Dr. van der Hoog. I've been using products of this brand for a long time, especially their face masks. It's really my favorite Dutch skincare brand that there is. They recently changed their whole line including the packaging. Dr. van der Hoog offer products for normal-combined skin, dry-dehydrated skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, mature skin and also products for people who are starting to get wrinkles. If you don't know which skin type you have, you can do this test to figure it out: Skintype analysis.

In this blogpost I'm going to review a product of their new line: the Fresh Expression day cream with SPF 15 (Fresh Expression Verstevigende dagcrème SPF 15). Their Fresh Expression line, is for people who is starting to get wrinkles. These products will improve the elasticity of your skin and will keep it young because of the manilkara leaf extract which is included.

04 January 2012

Review: ESSENTIAL Ultra Honey & Shea Butter Hair Mask

Today I'm going to review the Ultra honey & Shea butter hair mask from Kao Essential. It's a product that you've probably seen on many blogs and I wanted to try this product for a very long time. I've been using this for two months and am very satisfied with it ^^. My hair isn't that long anymore so I don't have many split ends at the moment, but I did have a lot while I still got my long hair. I often color my hair, so it's important to use great hair products to repair it!

Essential has two product lines: Nuance airy (pink line) and Rich Premier (yellow line), both are made for damaged hair. The pink line is suitable for limp & flat hair and the other one is more for frizzy & tangled hair.

03 January 2012

Hong Kong Trip Part 4 - Times Square, Causeway Bay

Hello lovely readers, this is part 4 of my Hong Kong trip. Have you missed part 1, part 2 or part 3, go check them out first. I hope you still like to read these posts since there are still many parts to come ;). In this blogpost I'm going to show you some pictures that I took in Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣).

02 January 2012

Review: Mentholatum Strawberry Lip Balm

Have you ever bought clothing or products from the kids section before for own use? I'm sure all of us did when we were young, but we won't buy anything there anymore once we're getting older. I usually just look at the OH SO ADORABLE packaging, but won't purchase it after all because it looks too childish. However, sometimes I will make an exception hehehe.. I recently received a strawberry lip balm for KIDS of the brand Mentholatum at Bornprettystore.com. They send it to me for review purposes but this won't have any influence on my opinion of course :). Doesn't the packaging looks cute =^o^=~?!

01 January 2012

Happy New Year, Gelukkig Nieuwjaar, 新年快樂!

Happy New Year, Gelukkig Nieuwjaar, 新年快樂 to my lovely readers ^^! It's 2012!!!! The year that we all are going to die, lol just kidding, no way that we are going to die xD I don't believe in that! We still have a long long way to go :). Anyways, I hope you all had a nice new years eve! Like every year I stayed at home with the whole family and had Chinese Hotpot (打邊爐). Whoa, I ate so much, my belly started to show up lol...What did you do on new year eve ^^?

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