16 January 2012

Hong Kong: SASA Haul Part 2

This is part 2 of my SASA haul which is also the last part :). On my previous sasa haul post I showed a lot of skincare products and this time Im going to show you some make up products and tools that I bought. All products are purchased at SASA stores in Hong Kong. Looks a lot right ^^? Let's see what I bought shall we ...

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First the eye products... I bought two eyelash glues from Koji in black. I've read great reviews about these and these were always out of stock on their website, so I'm happy that I saw it in Hong Kong. I also bought an eyelash glue of the brand Eye in white, the packaging looks like the one from DUO right, lol ...
FINALLY, I bought a dolly wink item!! Mwoehaha, I've always liked their packaging but never had the chance to buy any of their products. I finally bought the mascara and it came with their eyeliner for the same price, nice!!!
The famous majolica majorca mascara, which works great according to a lot of reviews, but hard to remove. hmm.. I'm going to test it later to see if that's really true. I went to the Canmake store in Mongkok and bought the Lash care essence which will lengthen and thicken your lashes (very curious about this product!!).
I'm IN LOVE with Koji eyelash curlers! I'm using the blue one no. 71 for a long time now and I'm very satisfied with it (yeah, i know, i still need to write a review about it). Therefore I bought their accent curler (Koji curler no. 100) as well, so that i'm able to reach the hard parts.
Have you seen these Q-tips before? These are Japanese Q-tips with water in it, with this you can remove your make up wherever you are! These are so easy to carry around, also because they are all packed seperately. These are absolutely awesome, seriously XD!!! I will write a blogpost about it later.
Useful gadgets :) you've probably seen the gadget in the middle before if you're shopping on Ebay often xD. It's a gadget for your fringe!
Last picture ... I bought a lot, a lot, a lot of blotting papers hehehe.... I usually use the ones from Clean & Clear, but I want to try other brands as well. I always need them, my T-zone is so oily during the day >.<".
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