14 December 2011

Hong Kong: SASA Haul Part 1

I just got back from Hong Kong and Singapore and most of you girls were curious about the products that I bought during my trip, so I'm planning to post a few Haul posts ^^. Today I'm going to show you my SASA Haul Part 1. I bought so many things at SASA, but I don't want to bomb you with heaps of products. Therefore I decided to split the haul into more parts. Well lets start.. I already told you girls that I bought many Hada Labo products which is my favorite skincare line at the moment ^^. I couldn't resist it, I just want to try the whole line xD. Btw. I've edited the pictures in this blogpost, just for a change.. Do you prefer edited pictures or normal ones?

I also bought a few products of the brand JUJU Cosmetics, which is also Japanese and people compares it with the brand Hada Labo. These are hydrating products as well but with aloe vera ingredients. I've seen these products on Bubzbeauty's website before and she recommended this product line, so I'm going to try it out, it wasn't expensive anyways... All drugstores in Hong Kong were promoting the serum of JUJU Cosmetics like crazy, like it's the best serum ever or something! LOL XD So it made me curious and bought it, it came together with a free 50 ml moisture toner.
I was so confused while buying these products, since I can't read Japanese at all and the packaging is almost the same o.o. Therefore, I had to check online to see what the difference were between the toners. The one with the orange label is a cleansing milk and the one with the red label is a toner for people with a dry skin. They also have a toner with a blue label which is for people with an oily and oily combination skin. I bought the one with a red label and to make it complete I purchased the aloe vera cream as well :). 

I also purchased the water sleeping mask EX from Laneige which I reviewed before. I bought the full size product because I liked it so much. Besides, I had read many reviews about the Neutrogena face wash and the 3D Benico mask which made me curious, heheh... so curious that I wanted to give it a try myself XD. As you can see I'm a huge fan of hydrating skincare products and I'm not afraid to try out some new products ♥~
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