08 January 2012

My Daiso / Jusco Haul in Hong Kong

YER YER YER, Y'll know that I went to Hong Kong a few weeks ago: check out my travel posts. And of course I also went to Daiso Japan while I was in Hong Kong. That store is called Jusco over there, but they sell the same products as the Daiso stores which are located in other countries. I did some research about Daiso products before I went there (yeah, I did my homework lol). There was one thing that I noticed while searching information about Daiso products: I COULDN'T FIND THE PRICES OF THE PRODUCTS T_T which was weird ....

Daiso price tags
It was weird that I couldn't find the prices of the products on the internet but what was even weirder? No price tags could be found on the products in the store either!!! I was scared that I would end up with a huge bill o___O. However, when I went to the cashier, I noticed that EVERY product was just 12HKD. WHOA Damn cheap, every product for just €1.-!!! So Daiso is like a Dollar shop (apparently I didn't do my homework correctly lol). Anyways, omg only €1.-, so cheap right and the products are all from Japan! The quality of the products are quite good as well. They really sell the craziest Japanese products at Daiso xD. Some are very useful and some are very cute but useless hahah. I think I have fallen in LOVE with this shop! Are you curious of what I bought? Lets check it out!
Daiso Japan Blackhead remover
I only bought the popular Daiso products which I was curious about. Like these two nose packs (see picture below). I've seen these on so so sooo many blogs and I'm happy that I can finally try these out myself! If you're curious what this is, I will explain it shortly to you: These products will remove your white and black heads. You must have heard of nose strips right? Well, this is a cream mask version of it, sounds weird? Yeah I know... I'm going to show it to you in a review later ^__^ stay tuned!
Square cotton pads & Detergent
Also, I bought some square cotton pads. I heard that these were good, so I bought a box. I wanted to buy more but the box is quite large and my suitcase was already full so I couldn't put more =(. Besides, I purchased two bottles of Detergent: a make up sponge cleanser. The bottles are very small so I bought two of those. Stay tuned for my reviews girls! I'm dying to try these products out ^____^! 
Stay tuned for my reviews girls! I'm dying to try these products out ^____^!
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