06 January 2012

Review: Dr. van der Hoog Fresh Expression Day cream

People who are living in The Netherlands must have heard about this brand: Dr. van der Hoog. I've been using products of this brand for a long time, especially their face masks. It's really my favorite Dutch skincare brand that there is. They recently changed their whole line including the packaging. Dr. van der Hoog offer products for normal-combined skin, dry-dehydrated skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, mature skin and also products for people who are starting to get wrinkles. If you don't know which skin type you have, you can do this test to figure it out: Skintype analysis.

In this blogpost I'm going to review a product of their new line: the Fresh Expression day cream with SPF 15 (Fresh Expression Verstevigende dagcrème SPF 15). Their Fresh Expression line, is for people who is starting to get wrinkles. These products will improve the elasticity of your skin and will keep it young because of the manilkara leaf extract which is included.

The appearance of their products are completely different. It gives me a fresh, clean feeling while looking at it. Once I opened the packaging of the day cream I saw a quote, see picture below (well thought!). Also, there is a small septula (that's hygienic!) included in the packaging and a description. The day cream is sold for €17,95 for 50 ml. All Dr. van der Hoog products are sold online on their website but also at the drugstore, Kruidvat.
It's creamy and a bit thick which makes it a little bit hard to spread. However, that doesn't mean that this cream feels heavy or will take a long time to absorb, on the contrary it somehow just melts into my skin within a few seconds ^___^. No sticky nor oily feeling, just very soft and moist! I'm sure that this cream is suitable for dry skin as well! It has a lovely fresh and a bit of a floral scent, very pleasant and it's not overwhelming!

My opinion
I really like the day cream that I've tried. Although the cream feels thick, it doesn't feel heavy on the face and it just melts within a few seconds. I don't need to wait for a long time until it's absorbed, that's definitely a PLUS when you're in a hurry in the morning! Also, it's always good that a day cream has a SPF, in this case SPF 15 ^__^. I do recommend this product and I will definitely purchase it again when I'm done with this one.

If you're interested, you can buy this at the drugstore Kruidvat in The Netherlands or online on their Dutch website

The product was send to me by a company for review purposes.


  1. Ziet er goed uit xx

  2. I find that over seas seem to have really nice thick cream! Sadly its just too far for me to get this :(
    thanks for the review thou! Seems really nice!! :D

  3. hmm, i'm sure that they sell thick creams at your place ^^ hihi.. but i do hope you will come visit the netherlands once  :D

  4. I'm super picky about my day creams blah! But I must add this to my wishlist! 

  5. unfortunately you can only buy this in the netherlands =( they dont sell it in other countries yet =( 

  6. Hmm I'm pretty sure I won't find this where I live, but it sounds very promising! I must remember to check this out if I ever visit the Netherlands. :)

  7. I bought this cream a few days ago, but I haven't used it yet. I am very curious how my skin reacts to it - I have been using Clinique for a while, I wonder if this one is as good as my previous one. Thanks for the post! xx


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