04 January 2012

Review: ESSENTIAL Ultra Honey & Shea Butter Hair Mask

Today I'm going to review the Ultra honey & Shea butter hair mask from Kao Essential. It's a product that you've probably seen on many blogs and I wanted to try this product for a very long time. I've been using this for two months and am very satisfied with it ^^. My hair isn't that long anymore so I don't have many split ends at the moment, but I did have a lot while I still got my long hair. I often color my hair, so it's important to use great hair products to repair it!

Essential has two product lines: Nuance airy (pink line) and Rich Premier (yellow line), both are made for damaged hair. The pink line is suitable for limp & flat hair and the other one is more for frizzy & tangled hair.

What does it promise?
New Improved Essential Damage Care saves your precious hair ends from damage so you can enjoy styling your hair. It repairs and strengthens even the most damaged last 15cm of your hair. Your hair won't feel heavy after using this. It's enriched with 3x more High Purity Honey and Milk Protein (compared to the conditioner of the pink line) to protect and strengthen the hair. Shea Butter repairs and moisturizes. It gives limp and flat hair a light and bouncy feel.
Source: Kao.com

Commercial (Chinese, Cantonese)

Where to buy?
I purchased this on sasa.com, check out my haul from the last time. These are sold for $9.40 and there is 200 g in it.

I love the pretty packaging of this hair mask ^^. This product is made in Japan so that's why there are many Japanese characters on the cover. Thankfully there were Chinese characters at the back since I bought it on sasa otherwise I wouldn't be able to understand the description.

Scent & Color
The hair mask is yellow. It has honey and shea butter in it and you can definitely smell that. Once you open the cap WHOA~ what an AAA-MAZING scent! It smells so so good when you have it on your hair! Also when you wash it off you can still smell the lovely scent!

The hair mask is easy to spread.
How to use?
After cleansing your hair with shampoo, apply a liberal amount on your hair. Make sure that you take the product out when your hands are dry to avoid water in the jar. It's the best to focus on the last 15cm of your hair ends since that's your most damaged part. You can slowly massage the product on your hair for 5 min or you can put it on and wait for 5 min. Rinse it off thoroughly. Close the jar well when you're done. It's recommended to use this 2-3 times per week.

My opinion
I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this hair mask! The scent is HEAVENLY and it makes my hair SUPER soft afterwards. And the most important part it doesn't feel heavy nor oily at all! I will definitely purchase this again when I'm done with this jar. I think that one jar will last approximately 5 months :) since I only use it twice per week. Besides, I'm probably going to try the ultra honey hair mask as well since that's even more moisturizing according to the description on their website. No wonder why I only see positive reviews about these hair masks, it sure works ^^!
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