09 January 2012

Review: Dr. van der Hoog Handsome Hand cream

These few weeks I've been trying out Dr. van der Hoog products, which is a Dutch skincare brand. Check out my previous review about their day cream! Today I'm going to review their Handsome repair hand cream (Handsome Herstellende Handcrème). I've never reviewed a hand cream before, so this is going to be my first review of it!

The packaging of the hand cream is very simple: product name at the front and the description & ingredient list at the back. It's in a tube so that you can easily squeeze the product out. The hand cream is sold for €4,95 for 75 ml. You can buy these at the drugstore, Kruidvat or on their online website.

The structure of the hand cream seems similar to their day cream, but slightly less thick and easier to spread. This cream just melts into my hands within a few seconds and it feels very soft afterwards! I don't think that this product would be moist enough for very rough hands, you probably should try the anti-aging hand cream then.

It has a lovely fresh and a bit of a floral scent, very pleasant and it's not overwhelming.


My opinion
I actually never tried a bad hand cream before. This hand cream of Dr. van dr Hoog is moist and it smells good just what a normal hand cream should do. A little bit of product goes a long way, so I think you're good for another 3-4 months or so if using it day and night :). It's not a MUST try product, but if you're looking for a moist and good smelling hand cream, this would be a good alternative.

If you're interested, you can buy these at the drugstore Kruidvat in The Netherlands or online on their Dutch website

The product was send to me by a company for review purposes.


  1. Klinkt fijn! Niet hebben-hebben, maar gewoon een simpele handcreme voor in je tas ofzo ^^

  2. jup inderdaad :) gewoon een simpele handcrème, die doet wat ie hoort te doen .. 

  3. Lijkt me een heerlijke handcreme! 

  4. I wish they sold that over here. I would love to try it. My hands are getting so dry from the winter weather. I really do need a hand cream! 
    thanks for sharing this review! :)

  5. Im sure that they sell hand creams like these in your country ;)

  6. Good review. I've never heard of this brand. 


  7. yeah, it's a dutch brand and only sold in the netherlands :) so its not that popular overseas ^^

  8. Dr. van der Hoog is a wonderful way to keep skin looking healthy and eliminating those annoying little wrinkles.



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