30 January 2012

Macau Trip - OMG Kim Hyun Joong!

Finally, my blogpost about my Macau Trip is online hehe (beware, picture heavy).. I know it took a while :). I went to Macau for one day and it was my first time there. I never knew that Macau was so small xD, but I did love the place. Macau is definitely the Chinese version of Venice and Les Vegas ^-^ The buildings were so pretty there and whoa those casino's were HUGEEEE o_o"! I just did a bit of sightseeing and had a lot of Macau snacks there hehehe...Check out the pictures that I took :).
Casino here, Casino there, hotels here, hotels there.. They were EVERY-WHERE! I regret that I didn't go to The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel though T____T". It seems to be the most prettiest place in Macau and I totally forgot the name of that place while I was in Macau *sigh .. so I wasn't able to go there. I must visit Macau again in the future!!

I saw this cute Cookie house in the Casino hahah.. I had no idea why it was placed there, but a guy was busy sticking the cookies on the house xD so awesome!
While I was walking towards the city centre of Macau I came across this sign. I was like OMG o_o" LIZ LISA! I just had to check the clothing out in real xD! I didn't purchase anything though, because it was mad expensive >.<".

This is a picture that I took in the city center. It looks so pretty ^^, Venetian style! AHHH I would love to go to Venice in the future >.<"!!

These egg tarts were so hot o.o!!
The most famous snack in Macau is the pork chop bun. I saw this sign and went to get one haha.
I suddenly saw this board while I was there.... OEH YEAH XD! It's a scene from Boys over flowers with Kim Hyun Joong! I totally forgot that they filmed in Macau xD and they went to this shop to get an egg tart lol. It's awesome that I've been to a place where he was hihi. (I'm sorry the title of this blogpost is a bit misleading hahah, I wish that I saw the real Kim Hyun Joong too =p!)

The pork chop bun that I ate was so dry and oily.. =.=" didn't like it at all.. why is this so famous again?
I also went to the St. Paul' Church :). People who have been to Macau must have visited this church.

Macau is a lovely place to visit, but it's a bit boring if you go there often since there isn't much to do expect for gambling and eating snacks haha. I definitely want to visit Macau again to check out the Venetian hotel o.o! I still regret it that I didn't go there T___T *SIGH!!!! Anyways, what I really loved there were the Venetian style buildings and those HUGE casino's :). It sure is a Chinese Les Vegas hahaha..

This is it for my Macau Trip, next up will be a blogpost about my Singapore Trip ^.^. Stay tuned!
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