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Ohhh boy.. I hope you love to watch hauls as much as I do hahaha.. I have another Japanese snacks haul today. Lots of green tea products, it's a little bit similar to my previous haul but I purchased some different stuff as well this time. Check it out!
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Have you seen my latest haul where I purchased some lovely green tea products? In that haul you were also able to see that I also purchased the green tea latte from Nestle. It's instant so all you have to do is add hot water. In today's blogpost i will be sharing my thoughts about it.

There are 9 sticks inside one box and one box costs €1.80 (link to product) at candysan. Oyatsucafe is selling these as well (link to product). Feel free to use my coupon code MEMORABLEDAYS at both websites to get a discount at checkout!

You are able to drink it either cold or hot. I always prefer to drink these things hot, so I didn't try the cold version. The packaging is written in Japanese so I'm not able to translate it. Use one stick if you have a cup that fits 180ml of hot water, use half of the stick if you have 90ml of hot water. One cup of green tea latte only has 31 kcal, so don't be afraid to drink this if you are on a diet haha ^^.

I drank this during the weekends together with some kitkat's ^^. I had added some red beans into my green tea latte and I absolutely loved that combination! You are also able to put a kitkat green tea into your latte to make it more sweet! This green tea latte doesn't have a strong green tea taste unfortunately but it's not super sweet so it's great for people who don't like sweet drinks that much. To people who do like sweet drinks, you can always add some sugar to it. In my opinion, the sweetness level is good but i was hoping that the taste would be more bitter, like matcha. I don't think I will purchase this again and probably will try a different brand next time.

"If CHOCOLATE can't fix it, it is a SERIOUS problem" I bought this cup at Xenos if you were wondering.

note: this blogpost contains affiliate links. 

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After watching so many poppin' cooking' videos from Youtuber RRCherryPie I just had to buy my own popin' cookin' kit hahah. Today I'm going to show you how to make sushi with this cute kit and I have say I had so much fun while doing this and the outcome ain't that bad hahaha.

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Oh my... how many times have i told you that I love In case you didn't know what it is, it's a website which sells Japanese snacks for a very affordable price online. It's really one of my favorite websites since they ship fast, ship worldwide, deliver great service and i can never resist not placing an order when i visit their website. Since it's almost Christmas, Candysan gave me a lovely gift pack to me. Want to know whats inside.. make sure to check out today's blogpost! Also, keep on reading until the end since i'm also going to give away one gift pack to one of you girls! WOHOE \^o^/! This is your chance to try delicious sweets from Japan!
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READ MORE | December 22, 2013

EEK! Yes another Japanese snacks blogpost! Candysan surprised me with a package full of Japanese snacks a few weeks ago. I didn't know what was inside, so I was so surprised when I opened the package. I always feel like a little kid when I open a package from Candysan hahaha. Who doesn't like snacks right, especially Japanese snacks! Keep on reading to see what they have sent me.
Go to my previous Candysan haul blogposts: blogpost 1, blogpost 2. .

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While I was at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam a few days ago, I saw this cute little counter called Cupcakechic. I was looking at their cupcakes and I just couldn't resist the temptation haha. The workers told me that the counter was opened in January 2013. I saw a few pictures from their cupcakes in the past on Instagram and Facebook but I never tried it myself. I decided to purchase some cupcakes there to try it out ^^.

Een paar dagen terug was ik op Schiphol en ik zag een kleine counter dat heette Cupcakechic. Ik zat naar de cupcakes te kijken en ik kon het gewoon niet laten, ik moest iets kopen! De medewerkers vertelde dat de counter al open was sinds Januari 2013. Ik zag voorheen al foto's voorbij gaan op instagram en op mijn facebook, maar ik had het nooit zelf geprobeerd. Ik besloot een paar te kopen om ze uit te proberen. 

READ MORE | October 28, 2013

I'm super excited to show you my huge haul haha ^^! Today I'm going to share my second haul. It's one of my favourite websites at the moment. It's a website where you can purchase Japanese snacks for a very affordable price and the shipping costs are reasonable as well. It's my second time purchasing there and I love their service and assortment, so I highly recommend to check their store out if you've got time. In this blogpost I will be showing you what I purchased and I will be sharing my discount code as well!
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Woop Woop, It's my birthday! Hahah Hi all ^^ as some of you may know after watching my Facebook and Twitter message, it's my birthday today!!! I'm finally turning 24, sounds old no? Haha, anyways, today I'm going to share my Kawaii Monthly bag that I received from is a website that sends you a pack of 5 Japanese charms, snacks, make-up or other kawaii stuff every month for £12.60. They deliver worldwide, shipping is totally free and it's always a mystery what you're actually getting. Want to know what in my Kawaii monthly bag was? Keep on reading!

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I'm not going to talk about beauty today, I'm going to talk about snacks! Yes, Japanese snacks! Do you know Pocky's? How long does Pocky exist already? I've been eating sticks from Pocky since I was 10 or something lol. Every year, they will release some new Pocky flavors. The Pocky Panda is from their normal collection and the Pocky Coconut came to the market during Summer 2013. Today I will be trying both for the first time!

READ MORE | September 18, 2013

Can you remember that I ordered some asian snacks from the website before? If not, go to blogpost 1 and 2 to read it. Oyatsu Cafe has launched a stick menu of individual powdered drinks, which is a great way to try Japanese drinks without having to buy a whole box of Maxim or Blendy sticks. I've received a few from them so I'm going to try it out!

READ MORE | September 10, 2013

I've recently seen a video from Youtuber EasyChineseFood where she created steamed rose buns also known as rose mantou/玫瑰花馒头. I think that lots of you have tried this at a Chinese restaurant before, but have you ever seen it in a rose shape? I hadn't! My mom, nephew and I decided to make some steamed buns and I captured it with my camera ^^ i love the shape of roses!

READ MORE | August 26, 2013

Hi girlies ^^! Today I will be showing another haul from the shop Oyatsu Cafe is an online store that is located in Japan and they are selling Japanese candies, chocolates, drinks and even popin' cooking sets! Make sure to check it out if you are into Japanese snacks! Lots of you liked my first haul (link to blogpost), today I will be showing you my second haul from this website. Curious what i bought? Keep on reading then!

READ MORE | July 25, 2013

This blogpost is going to make you drool or you are going to die because of the adorable packaging, so be prepared before you are going to continue with reading hahaha. I placed a HUGE order at an online store which is called It's a store that sells Japanese candies and chocolates for a very low price. Sounds very good right? YES! I highly recommend this webshop, I will definitely place an order again in the future! But first, let me show you what I got ok?

READ MORE | June 21, 2013

Besides make up, skincare, nail or fashion items I also like snacks, especially Japanese snacks! I recently bought a few products from Oyatsu Cafe is an online store that is located in Japan and they are selling Japanese candies, chocolates, drinks and even popin' cooking sets! I bought a pack of kitkat green tea bars, a happy kitchen / popin' cooking doughnut set and an octopus soda gummy kit. After watching tons of popin' cooking videos on youtube and pictures of the green tea kitkat bars on instagram it made me buy it (darn internet! lol you are no good for my wallet!). I will be showing you my haul and i will be sharing a coupon code where you are able to get 15% OFF in this blogpost, so make sure to continue with reading!

READ MORE | May 22, 2013

Remember the adorable cupcakes that I received a few weeks ago, see blogpost. I recently was invited by Monique, the owner of MA Bella Cupcakes to participate in her cupcakes event with a few other girls. During the event we had a lovely high tea and we had a short cupcake workshop where we were able to create our own high heels cupcakes! She created a Chanel Bag cake as well, how freaking amazing is that?! Many pictures were taken during the event, so check it out on today's blogpost. P.s. if you want to see more of her creations, check out her Facebook page and LIKE ^^.

READ MORE | October 17, 2012

Goodmorning all!! Time fliessss girls... It's the 1st of October already ^^". You have probably seen my previous blogposts about snacks (go to blogposts). I just loveeeee snacks with adorable packaging and snacks which aren't available here. A friend of mine recently came back from Hong Kong and he bought a few snacks for me, check out the adorable packaging!

READ MORE | October 01, 2012

Today I'm posting a special review. I received some lovely cupcakes from Monique, the owner of MA Bella Cupcakes and I'm going to review these today ^___^! MA Bella Cupcakes is a company with passion for handmade cakes and cupcakes. It was started in 2012 and is located in Almere, The Netherlands. They make (cup)cakes according to the theme that you prefer: a cake for a baby shower, cupcakes for a sweet 16 party or even a wedding cake, they will create it for you! MA Bella Cupcakes offers workshops as well ^__^! You can contact them through their Facebook page for prices and other information. Keep on reading to see my review about the cupcakes.

READ MORE | August 24, 2012

Beware girls; this blogpost is going to be picture heavy >.<"! As some of you might know I met up with two bloggers a week ago: Amanda & Mei. They are one of the first bloggers that I knew when I started with blogging two years ago. Therefore, it's so awesome that we were finally able to meet ^__^! Amanda lives in Australia and was traveling around in Europe and decided to go to Amsterdam during her trip. I've always liked blogger meet ups, remember that I met up with Cheesie from a while ago :: see blogpost. So do let me know when you visit The Netherlands, I am happy to meet you all and to show you around ^^.

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While I was in Milan, I went to a supermarket called PAM. I purchased some snacks there which aren't available in The Netherlands. I'm a huge chocolate lover and I just love Ferrero so I was so surprised when I saw these at the grocery store o.o! They had so many Ferrero products which I hadn't seen before. I know.. these are all calorie bombs, but I just couldn't resist to buy it. Have you tried these before and are you a chocolate lover as well ^__^?!

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READ MORE | June 29, 2012

My friends and I decided to go to Navigli in Milan. This is one of the most fascinating areas of the city, where the characteristic old working-class flats look onto the canals. Nice eating places and some of Milan’s most exciting live music bars line the streets. To be honest I think that this place is way prettier than the canals in Amsterdam. The view is amazing and there are plenty of restaurants & bars where you can choose from. The atmosphere is nice, it's a great place to chill and to have a bite where you can enjoy the stunning view.

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