11 August 2016

Premium Matcha Powder and Flowering Tea from Newby Teas!

Where to get matcha powder online you are wondering? I am a big tea lover and every morning after breakfast I have a cup of tea or I will make myself a nice cup of matcha latte. I was recently contacted by Newby Teas and they were so kind to send me a few items of their shop that includes; premium matcha powder and a gorgeous glass teacup with their lovely flowering teas. Once you visit their website you will browse on it for a while because of their interesting products and gorgeous packaging of their items. More about their products in today's blogpost!

The assortment from Newby Teas is large! I am really amazed of how many different kind of teas there actually are. From the pyramid teabags to loose leaves and powder! These are luxurious teas that you can give as a present to your mom or any other special person in your life. I mean look at the gorgeous packaging!

source: picture from newby.co.uk 
As I mentioned before they also have premium matcha powder in their assortment. Matcha powder has amazing health benefits. I love the taste and it's healthy as well which is why I love it. One serving of matcha tea is the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of regularly brewed green tea. How amazing is that? Matcha has way more benefits and these are a few: it boosts metabolism and burns calories, it detoxifies naturally, its rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins, it calms the mind and makes your body feel more relaxed, it lowers blood sugar and cholestrol and it provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magesium.

To make a good cup of matcha tea read their description: Use 2g of matcha powder per 200ml of boiled water, cooled to 70°C. Whisk well until the powder has dissolved. I usually like to put a little bit more matcha powder since I like the rich matcha flavour.

And voila, I nice bowl of matcha latte!

I have seen these flowering teas while I was in Asia a couple of years ago and I was hoping to get this  in The Netherlands as well, but I couldn't find it anywhere! I was so surprised when I found these flowering teas on their website! They have send me the taste Harmony and Lychee to try along with a gorgeous glass that perfectly showcases the pretty flower. Harmony includes the following ingredients: Green tea, marigold flower and jasmine flowers. Lychee includes: Green tea, marigold flower, jasmine flowers, globe amaranth and lychee flavour. Below I will show you how Lychee blooms in my glass.

Once you open it you will see a small ball, which is actually the flower tea. Unwrap it and put it in hot water. Their instruction says: place one flowering bulb in one cup of freshly boiled water cooled to 70-80°C. Watch as the bulb blossoms and comes to life in a visually striking display.


I'm loving the taste of all teas that I received. The flowering tea is just so magical and the green tea taste is light, it smells lovely and you all know that green tea/matcha has great benefits! I cannot get enough of this! The only downside is the the price, but the matcha powder goes a long way since you only need a little bit per usage. As for the flowering tea, I just keep pouring hot water into my cup until the taste is gone to be honest lol. If you are interested, visit NewbyTeas.nl and check out their assortment.


note: these products were sent to me for review purposes, but this didn't affect my opinion about the products, see disclaimer.


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