17 April 2014

Review: Nestle Green Tea Latte

Have you seen my latest Candysan.com haul where I purchased some lovely green tea products? In that haul you were also able to see that I also purchased the green tea latte from Nestle. It's instant so all you have to do is add hot water. In today's blogpost i will be sharing my thoughts about it.

There are 9 sticks inside one box and one box costs €1.80 (link to product) at candysan. Oyatsucafe is selling these as well (link to product). Feel free to use my coupon code MEMORABLEDAYS at both websites to get a discount at checkout!

You are able to drink it either cold or hot. I always prefer to drink these things hot, so I didn't try the cold version. The packaging is written in Japanese so I'm not able to translate it. Use one stick if you have a cup that fits 180ml of hot water, use half of the stick if you have 90ml of hot water. One cup of green tea latte only has 31 kcal, so don't be afraid to drink this if you are on a diet haha ^^.

I drank this during the weekends together with some kitkat's ^^. I had added some red beans into my green tea latte and I absolutely loved that combination! You are also able to put a kitkat green tea into your latte to make it more sweet! This green tea latte doesn't have a strong green tea taste unfortunately but it's not super sweet so it's great for people who don't like sweet drinks that much. To people who do like sweet drinks, you can always add some sugar to it. In my opinion, the sweetness level is good but i was hoping that the taste would be more bitter, like matcha. I don't think I will purchase this again and probably will try a different brand next time.

"If CHOCOLATE can't fix it, it is a SERIOUS problem" I bought this cup at Xenos if you were wondering.

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