26 August 2013

Steamed Rose Buns - Rose Mantou - 玫瑰花馒头

I've recently seen a video from Youtuber EasyChineseFood where she created steamed rose buns also known as rose mantou/玫瑰花馒头. I think that lots of you have tried this at a Chinese restaurant before, but have you ever seen it in a rose shape? I hadn't! My mom, nephew and I decided to make some steamed buns and I captured it with my camera ^^ i love the shape of roses!

Youtuber EasyChineseFood shared her steamed rose buns tutorial, check it out in the video below:
My 2 year old cutie nephew wanted to help ^o^. I have to admit, it is a bit time consuming to create these roses, but once you created a few, you will get the hang of it and you will be faster :).


We decided to create different once as well ^^, a few with filling....

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