25 August 2013

Products I Cannot Live Without

Since I love to read blogposts like these on other blogs I decided to write about this topic myself. Today I will be sharing some beauty products I cannot live without. These are products that i'm using every single day and it feels like i'm missing something if I don't use it. I'm sure you have got some beauty products that you cannot live without as well, which ones are yours? Share it in the comment section below.

I've been using this product for 3 years now and it's still one of my favourite skincare products. It keeps my face moisturized after I wash my face. Of course you musn't use this product on its own, you need to use it together with a serum and a day or night cream as well to make your skin feel extremely moist. - full review.

SECHE VITE TOP COAT - €4,50 at www.ebay.com 
Since I'm doing nail art often, I gotta have a good top coat. I've been using this seche vite top coat for 4 months and i totally ADORE it. It's just so good! Your nail polish will be dry in just a few seconds and it won't smear your nail art creation as well. I highly recommend this one if you are searching for a top coat!

VASELINE ORIGINAL - €2.- at a local drugstore
I've been using this product probably all my life hahah. I'm using it day and night and during the day as well. It keeps my lips moist all the time, it's not sticky on the lips, it's scentless and you can use it on dry spots on your face or body as well! I'm sure you have tried this product before, but if you haven't, you gotta give this a try if your lips are dry.

PAULA'S CHOICE SHINE STOPPER - €27,90 at www.paulaschoice.nl
I'm using the shine stopper every time I'm done with my make up. I just dap a bit of product on my T-zone area and my face will stay matte for the rest of the day! Seriously, my skin feels silky soft every time I use this and the instant matte finish is definitely visible. If you got an oily skin and you want to look matte for the whole day, you gotta try this! - full review.

K-PALETTE 1 DAY TATTOO - €11,76 at www.sasa.com | DOLLY WINK LIQUID EYELINER - €10,12 at www.sasa.com
I aways use this after I apply gel liner (currently using Stila Black gel liner). I'm loving both liquid eyeliners, my monolids are extremely oily so it's so hard to find an liquid eyeliner that dries fast, is smudge proof, sweat proof but also waterproof. The K-palette and Dolly Wink eyeliner are very similar and it meets all those points that I just mentioned. These two eyeliners are very easy to use and the tip is thin so you can easily create a wing as well. Must try if you have got oily eyelids - full review.

SIGMA BEAUTY F80 FLAT TOP KABUKI BRUSH -  €13,50 at www.sigmabeauty.com
Even though this brush is hard to wash, the finish that the brush creates is just phenomenal. It spreads the product out evenly and it gives a flawless finish. It's also way better to use this tool rather than your fingers! Quite expensive for a brush but it will last for years and i think that every foundation or bb cream lover should use this! - full review.

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