24 August 2013

My Life in Pictures - Madrid Citytrip Part 3

This is the 3rd part of my Madrid citytrip. On the 3rd day of our holiday we went shopping at the shopping streets at Sol and at a long shopping street called Gran Via. There was a hugeeee Zara, H&M and Sephora store there. OMG, I felt in heaven when I entered Zara, my favourite store hahaha. It was so hugeeee omg! I probably spent 2 hours at ZARA or something and ofcourse I purchased a few stuff there. The prices were so low compared to the ZARA prices here in Europe, but their collections were the same. My haul will be revealed in the next my life in pictures blogpost so please stay tuned!
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On the picture above you can see some jewelries from H&M. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything nice but we all purchased a lot at ZARA and Sephora! The H&M at Gran Via had 3 floors (see picture below)!

We walked passed the MAC store, had a drink at Dunkin' Coffee and Mc Cafe and had dinner nearby the city center. I always love to go to Mc Cafe since they have so many yummy macaroons ^^!

When it became dark, we decided to go to the rooftop terrace/ bar at Circulo de Bellas Artes which is at the opposite building of the pretty Metropolis. I highly recommend to visit this place during daytime since you will have a lovely view there. It didn't look that great in the dark since Madrid doesn't have many lightings lol. You do need to pay €3 per person to be able to go to the rooftop. It was super crowded but it was very chill to sit and relax and have a drink. There was also a restaurant at the rooftop, so you can also have dinner at that place and enjoy the lovely view.

On the last day we drank a cup of coffee at Starbucks and went straight back to The Netherlands. This holiday was short, but it sure was fun to visit a city like Madrid. The people were kind, the hotel where we stayed was very good and affordable, shopping was ok and the food was nice. I don't know if I would go back to Madrid but I sure will go back to Spain one day. Hmmm I'm wondering what my next stop will be ....

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