02 August 2013

My Life in Pictures - Madrid Citytrip Part 1

Two weeks ago I went to Madrid for a few days with two friends of mine. Some of you have probably seen pictures on my Facebook and Instagram already. People who are following me on my blog only will be seeing the pictures today ^o^! I was there for 4 days and I took heaps of pictures, so I will be splitting my Madrid trip in a few parts. In this blogpost I will be showing you part 1! All pictures were taken with my Iphone 4s so please don't mind the bad quality.

I was super excited to go there because of the lovely weather. It was around 36 degrees, which is extremely hot compared to the weather in The Netherlands. It took slightly more than 2 hours to fly from The Netherlands to Madrid. Once we arrived in Madrid we took the subway which went directly to our hotel. We stayed at the hotel exe suites 33, which i highly recommend! It had great ratings on booking.com so we gave it a try and we weren't disappointed at all. The room was spacious, service was great, everything was clean and it was near the city centre as well! I highly recommend this place if you are going to Madrid!

After we left our luggage we went straight to the busy streets - Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor. To be honest, these two places were very disappointing, it didn't look special at all. However, i'm glad we met this awesome (chubby) Spiderman at Plaza Mayor. He definitely made our day hahaha! He even created a petite chubby Spiderman statue hahaha xD!

We had lunch at a place called Tapas 44, not bad.. not bad.. I tried some Spanish snacks which I never tried before such as fried egg plant with honey! I loved the fried squids though ^o^!!

We did a bit of shopping that day since we saw Sephora and a Topshop hehehe.. We just had to go inside and take a peek. The Topshop at Puerta del Sol looked so big on the outside bit it's so small when you go inside =.=" and the air-conditioning didn't work that great, so disappointing!! I ended up leaving with nothing from this shop. I did purchase a few stuff at Sephora hehehe... (will be showing my haul in a separate blogpost).   

After a few hours of walk we headed to a restaurant called Kitchen Stories. It's a restaurant that a friend of mine recommended, their website looked great as well so we decided to give it a go. Oh my, this definitely wasn't a bad choice! The food, the service as well as the decoration of the restaurant were all amazing, it's a highly recommended spot you guys! 
Guacamole tortilla chips | Risotto with shrimps
Spanish way of fish and chips lol it was so good though!

Teriyaki chicken with rice | Hummus & pita
We headed back to our hotel room after dinner since we were all tired because of the flight. Day 1 was quite short since we arrived around 2pm, so we only had a half day to chill. Stay tuned for part 2 girls ^o^ I will also be posting my Madrid Haul soon!

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