17 August 2013

My Life in Pictures - Madrid Citytrip Part 2

Lets move on with my adventures in Madrid! As many of you know, I went to Madrid for 4 days. In this blogpost I will be sharing part 2 of my journey. On the second day we went to do some sightseeing. We went to the Royal Palace, the Almudena Cathedral and Botin - the oldest restaurant in the whole world according to the Guinness Book of Records.

SIESTA - One point that's extremely important to know if you are in Spain is that all restaurants are closed during lunch break and during the late afternoon. Most people in Madrid don’t have dinner until around 9 or 10pm so don't expect that you are able to eat at a restaurant during 6pm. Fast food restaurants and clothing stores are open during that period of time.
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In the picture below I took a picture with my friend and we had no idea what kind of building or statue it was behind us. We just took a picture because it was pretty hahaha we were on our way to the cathedral and royal palace ^o^.

Yes, that's the royal palace behind us! We didn't have much time so we didn't go inside, so we decided to sit near the entrance and just chill for a few minutes. That building was gorgeous and i'm sure it's pretty on the inside as well ^^. What I adore about Madrid are the gorgeous streets, it all looks so cultural and the fountains & flowers are so pretty too!

We went to the Almudena Cathedral which was near the royal palace. It's a pretty cathedral, but it's not  huge, so we were done walking through it within half an hour.

We decided to have some paella at Plaza Mayor and oh my, that was the worst decision ever! The paella was so bad, the rice was too soft and watery and i almost had to puke because of the bad shrimps (and i'm not even kidding). Tip: don't eat at the terrace at Plaza Mayor, it's ok to have a drink there, but i don't recommend to eat at those touristic places.

While walking to Botin, we came across these adorable kittens ^^. Super cute!

We went to a restaurant called Botin during dinner (8pm). It's always very crowded there, so do make a reservation if you go to this restaurant and luckily we did that in advance. I didn't have much expectations but the food that they served sure was DE-LICIOUS! Probably the best meat I had ever tried! If you are a meat lover you gotta try this! Everything was so juicy omg! Don't you just want to drool when looking at the pictures? hahah ^^.

I hope you liked part 2 ^^, part 3 will be online soon! Take care girls! x.
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