22 May 2013

Haul: Japanese Candy from Oyatsu Cafe + Discount Code

Besides make up, skincare, nail or fashion items I also like snacks, especially Japanese snacks! I recently bought a few products from Oyatsucafe.com. Oyatsu Cafe is an online store that is located in Japan and they are selling Japanese candies, chocolates, drinks and even popin' cooking sets! I bought a pack of kitkat green tea bars, a happy kitchen / popin' cooking doughnut set and an octopus soda gummy kit. After watching tons of popin' cooking videos on youtube and pictures of the green tea kitkat bars on instagram it made me buy it (darn internet! lol you are no good for my wallet!). I will be showing you my haul and i will be sharing a coupon code where you are able to get 15% OFF in this blogpost, so make sure to continue with reading!

Just to make things clear - i didn't receive money from them to talk about their store, i'm not sponsored nor am i affiliated with them. I'm just so happy that i finally found a store where the price and shipping costs are reasonable and that's the reason why i'm blogging about my experience with this shop. I have always wanted to try more Japanese candies and chocolates but they were all so expensive where i looked. I browsed on websites like napajapan and jbox but i thought that their prices and especially their shipping costs were way too high.

The shipping costs on Oyatsu Cafe depends on the weight of the products that you are buying. I chose the cheapest shipping way which is via SAL (via Japan Post Economy Airmail) and it was around $5.- for these 3 items. It took around 2 weeks before i received the package. They are shipping worldwide!

Oyatsu Cafe has kindly offered my readers 15% discount on all orders, simply use the following discount code at checkout: MEMORABLEDAYS. This is available for all orders internationally and with no limits. The coupon code expires in the end of July 2013.

I was so curious about the taste of these kitkat bars, since everybody seemed to like it. Inside this large bag, there are 12 mini kitkat bars. Each bar is individually wrapped. These green bars are looking exactly the same as on the packaging. The scent and flavour comes predominantly from the sweet white chocolate. It also has a lovely flavour of matcha green tea, which isn't bitter or strong at all! It's just right and it's delicious! I really enjoyed these and i will definitely repurchase them again. These are sold for $6.49 at their store, which is around €5.- (link to the product). This is so inexpensive compared to other online stores that i found, some are even selling it for €13.-! Insane right?

I am not even going to try to pronounce the name of these ball gummies hahah, it's so hard ^^". The packaging is super adorable and i have seen these on Youtube before and it looked so cute, so i decided to give these a try since I love soda! They also sell a grape version of this if you are interested. This one is sold for $3.49 (link to the product). I haven't opened this one yet, so i haven't tried it out. I probably will write a separate blogpost about it or i will create a video, what do you think? would you watch it?.

I was really hesitating to get this one or the popin' cookin' sushi set, but i decided to get this one instead since this looked cuter hahaha. I have seen tutorials of these poppin' cookin' kits and i can't wait to try it out! I'm so curious about the taste. I probably will write a separate blogpost about this kit as well, let me know if you would be interested in reading that. This doughnut set is sold for $4.99 (link to the product).

I really can't wait to try more Japanese snacks out! The packaging is just super adorable! I definitely will repurchase from Oyatsu Cafe again, since i had a great experience with this shop. If you are going to purchase at www.oyatsucafe.com as well, don't forget to use my discount code: MEMORABLEDAYS to get 15% off at checkout!

note: all products are purchased with my own money. 
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