19 May 2013

My New Sunglasses - Ray Ban Original Wayfarer

Let the sun shine..... Let the sun shine~~!! I'm still waiting for the sun to come, but before it's actually going to shine, I got something to protect my eyes with. I recently got the Ray Ban Original from Smartbuyglasses.nl and I'm totally in love with it ^o^!

I was hesitating to get the new wayfarer instead of the original one, but i thought that the design from the original was better :). I got it in size 50 but they also sell it in size 47 and even 54!

They sell lots of other designs & other brands too and the prices are lower compared to other shops, like my local sunglasses shops. Normally it's around €185.- but at smartbuyglasses.nl they are selling it for €107,95, which is a huge price difference (link to the product).

They are shipping worldwide for free, and you can return it if it's not good.. well, sounds great right?! It took around 7 days before it arrived in The Netherlands which is pretty fast since they are shipping it from Hong Kong.

Besides the sunglasses, it came with a brown case and a cleaning kit. The cleaning kit is from their own brand, smartbuyglasses.nl. I've tried the kit out already and it's great to clean the sunglasses with :).

Overall i'm very satisfied with this webshop, their assortment is large, the prices are great compared to other shops and it includes a cleaning kit too! YAY ^^! And of course i'm super happy with my first Ray Ban!

my question to you is:
Do you like to wear sunglasses? 
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