25 July 2013

HAUL: Japanese Snacks from Oyatsu Cafe + Discount Code

Hi girlies ^^! Today I will be showing another haul from the shop Oyatsucafe.com. Oyatsu Cafe is an online store that is located in Japan and they are selling Japanese candies, chocolates, drinks and even popin' cooking sets! Make sure to check it out if you are into Japanese snacks! Lots of you liked my first haul (link to blogpost), today I will be showing you my second haul from this website. Curious what i bought? Keep on reading then!

I'm so happy since Oyatsu Cafe decided to cooperate with me!!! YAY!! A few of these products were sponsored and some were bought with my own money. However, this won't have influence on my review, so don't worry about that. I'm just so happy that i finally found a store where the price and shipping costs are reasonable and that's the reason why i'm buying from them. I browsed on websites like napajapan and jbox but i thought that their prices and especially their shipping costs were way too high.

The shipping costs on Oyatsu Cafe depends on the weight of the products that you are buying. I chose the cheapest shipping way which is via SAL (via Japan Post Economy Airmail) and it took around 2 weeks before i received the package. They are shipping worldwide!

Oyatsu Cafe has kindly offered my readers 15% discount on all orders, simply use the following discount code at checkout: MEMORABLEDAYS. This code can be used by everybody with no minimum limit. If the code doesn't work, drop a comment below and let me know about it! I don't receive commission when you are using this code, this is just a special discount code for you guys ^o^!

Here you go, this is my yummy haul. As you can see I stocked up on lots of green tea kit kats, I bought a few pocky's that I had never seen before and some Pure gummies!

This is sold for $2.99 there (link to the product). It's a petite package, so don't get fooled by the pictures. Japan is famous for having authentic tasting fruit gummies and the Puré range is an embodiement of this. This version of Puré gummies is a special edition for Summer 2013! Each piece is bursting with an authentic and refreshing yogurt and mango flavor.

I also bought the peach version of this one. It has the same price as the previous product, which is $2.99 (link to the product). Each fruit gummy is bursting with a strong peach flavor and aroma, sure to make an impression on anyone who tastes it!

As you can see hehehe, I stocked up on some green tea kitkats. I showed you this in my previous haul already and I really enjoyed these so I bought some more this time. There are 12 mini's in each pack and 1 pack cost $6.49 (link to the product).

I bought these since I was curious about the taste of the macadamia. These chocolates are just like in the pictures on the packaging. There is a huge macadamia in the middle of this chocolate. There were only 9 chocolates inside this box. When taking a bite, you can definitely taste milk chocolate, cacao and macadamia. However, the taste wasn't that special, it was nice but not good enough to repurchase it. These were sold for $2.99 and isn't sold at their shop anymore.

I bought these adorable cookies because of the cute packaging \^o^/ haha i can't help it, i'm a huge sucker for cute packaging! This box is filled with cute mini Panda cookies. These biscuits have a cookie base and a thick chocolate cream topping. The cookies are contained in a foil bag inside the box to keep them fresh and each one has a different Panda's expression on it! These are sold for $2.89 (link to the product). Oyatsu Cafe is selling the strawberry flavor as well.

I've tried lots of pocky's but I haven't tried this one yet. Pocky Coconut is a tropical version of Japan's favorite snack for Summer 2013! Each pocky stick is covered in a rich and smooth dark chocolate, which is infused with coconut bits. Sounds great right? Each box contains 2 individually wrapped packs of pocky. The price of this product is $2.99 (link to the product).
Another cute packaging!!!! Yes it's the pocky panda. It's not new, but I've never tried it before so that was the reason why I bought it. It's sold for $2.79 (link to the product). This petite box contains a pack of chocolate pocky sticks covered in frosted cream and infused with crunchy cookie chunks.

YAY another new kitkat! This is an limited edition and was sold for $6.99. It's currently out of stock so you are not able to purchase it at this time. You can try to e-mail them to ask when it will be in stock again if you would like to purchase it :). Just like the green tea one, it comes in a pack of 12 kit kats.

These are extremely sweet and you can definitely taste the cookies & cream flavor. If you adore sweet chocolate, you gotta try this one. If you ask me, which one i liked more I would choose the green tea kitkat haha. However, it was fun to try the cookies & cream flavor so I don't regret purchasing these.

This was my haul guys! Make sure to visit www.oyatsucafe.com and feel free to use my coupon code: MEMORABLEDAYS to get 15% OFF! Also, visit their facebook page and don't forget to like so that you can be up to date with their latest products.

note: a few of these products were sponsored, but most of the products were bought with my own money. 
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