27 July 2013

Review: TONYMOLY Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream SPF30

Finally, the review is online, i'm sorry for the delay girls! Today I will be reviewing the luminous pure aura cc cream of the brand TONYMOLY. I'm reading a lot of mixed feelings about this product online, some people like it because of the amazing luminous effect that it gives, some people hate it because of the packaging and the thick consistency. In this blogpost I will be sharing my thoughts about this product.

First of all, let me explain why I gave this product a try. A while ago I asked on my twitter and facebook the following question: "Do you want me to review any Korean, Japanese or Chinese product? Let me know which one.". One of my followers, @asnbanana recommended to try the TONYMOLY CC Cream, so that's the reason why I gave this product a try. Would you like me to review any Asian beauty product, leave a comment below and i might give you a shout out on my blog as well ;). Now, lets move on to the review...

If you don't know what CC Cream is, make sure to read my blogpost about it first (link to blogpost). The TONYMOLY Color Control Cream is free of parabens, benzophenon, talc and mineral oil which is great. However, this product does contain other oil ingredients, so if you are looking for a product without oil, skip this one. This product has lots of other benefits: it has SPF30 PA++, whitening properties, fights against wrinkles, moisturizing, creates a luminous effect and it will make your skin tone even. It has 50 ml of product in it and it only comes in one shade.

This CC Cream is most suitable for people with a dry and/or dull skin type.

I received this product from www.cosmetic-love.com which is an online store which sells Korean make up as well as skincare products. The TONYMOLY CC Cream is sold for $16.19 there (link to the product). The company is located in South-Korea, so that's why they can offer a low price to their customers. They offer worldwide shipping for free, besides on their website, you can also purchase it on their Ebay store!

The shipping period was very short. I'm always amazed by their fast shipping! It only took around a week until it arrived in The Netherlands.
This is the official commercial of this product starring the JYJ members. 

It has a black and white hard plastic packaging, very simple. The bottle is not heavy but it's quite large which means it's a bit hard to travel with unless you have a large bag with you. I bet that this won't fit into your go-to make up bag since it's too large! Thankfully it comes in a pump which makes it easy for us to get the product out and it's hygienic as well!

INGREDIENTS - click on the picture below to enlarge

I'm not a big fan of scented products. This CC Cream has a floral scent that not everybody would like. I'm glad that you will only smell it when you apply it, you won't smell it when the CC Cream is on your face.

It has a medium thickness, so you need to take some time to blend it correctly and it takes a few minutes to dry. It's a little bit sticky after application, but this feeling will go away after 5-10 minutes or so (quite long huh?).
You can use this after your basic skincare routine. Make sure that you don't have dry patches, moisturize your face well or scrub to remove the dry patches before you use this cc cream. Only 2-3 pumps are needed. The best way to apply this CC Cream is with your clean fingers.

As you can see, this CC Cream is white BUT... don't be scared now. This cream contains color adjusting beads (can you see those small black dots?). As you blend this product out, it will turn from white into a color that matches your skin tone (see pictures below). I'm a NC15 and it blends well with my skin tone. People  with a medium skin tone can use this as well, but I'm not sure if this will look pale on people with very dark skin tone.

The coverage is very sheer, which can be a pro and a con. It depends on what you are looking for in a cc cream. If you are searching for a sheer cc cream which will create a healthy, luminous effect on the face, this might be a product for you. If you are looking for a luminous cc cream with high coverage, you should really skip this one, since this won't cover dark spots or scars. I don't recommend to build the product up either since it won't create a higher coverage by doing that. (the lighting is slightly different in both pictures.)

It looks extremely natural on the face, like you have no make up on. It doesn't have a powdery finish nor a matte one. It just gives me a natural, healthy and dewy looking skin. It's like my own skin, but better (if that makes any sense). It slightly evens out the redness on my face, but it's still visible. It has a great pore coverage as well which I love! However, it does FEEL a bit heavy on the skin, you can definitely feel that you have something on your face. I also have to deeply cleanse my face every time I use this cc cream.

(I didn't add a before and after picture in this blogpost since it was barely visible on camera.)

• Pump packaging
• Parabens, mineral oil, talc and benzophenon free
• It contains SPF30 PA++
• Moisturizing & nourishing
• Very healthy & luminous finish
• It looks very natural on the face like you have no make up on.
• Price is reasonable
• Blends well with my own skin tone
• Great pore coverage
• Very sheer coverage
• Lasting power is around 5 hours
• Only a little amount of product is needed

• Floral scent
• Packaging is large and hard to carry in your bag
• Medium thick consistency, takes a while to blend and to dry
• Slightly sticky after application, need to wait 5-10 minutes
• Feels heavy on the skin
• Clings on dry patches
• Very sheer coverage
• Not buildable
• Not suitable to use if you are living in a humid climate

This is actually the first product that I tried with such a finish. It just makes my skin look better even though it doesn't cover any dark spots nor scars on my face. It just creates that healthy, translucent pretty glowy look. I'm amazed by the lovely finish of this CC Cream. After you tried this, you can really see the difference between a BB and CC Cream. However, if you ask me if i would repurchase this product, I would say no. I don't like the floral scent and it just feels a bit heavy on my face which I don't like.

Buy if you are looking for a very sheer and moist cc cream which will create a healthy and glowy appearance. It's perfect for people with a dull skin! Skip this product if you are looking for a cc cream with a medium to high coverage. Also if you have an oily skin and don't want a glowy finish, I wouldn't recommend this.

If you are interested, make sure to visit cosmetic-love.com!

note: this product was sent to me for review purposes 

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