09 June 2014

HAUL: Japanese Snacks from Candysan #5 +Discount Code

Ohhh boy.. I hope you love to watch hauls as much as I do hahaha.. I have another Japanese snacks haul today. Lots of green tea products, it's a little bit similar to my previous haul but I purchased some different stuff as well this time. Check it out!
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If you would like to try Japanese snacks, make sure to visit www.candysan.com. You can purchase Japanese snacks for a low price there and the shipping costs are reasonable as well. The shipping cost  depends on the weight of the package, so the more you're going to order, thus the higher the shipping costs will be. Shipping took around 2 weeks and all products weren't expired and were in good state.

Feel free to use my discount code : MEMORABLEDAYS to get 5% OFF at checkout! This code won't expire so you can use it any time :). If it doesn't work all of a sudden, drop a comment below and I will fix it as soon as possible.

All products in this blogpost are purchased with my own money.

Hmmm.. where shall I start….. I actually bought these oreo's because I was curious how it would taste like. I read mixed feelings about these oreo's on different blogs but I decided to try it anyways. My oh my… it was my worst choice EVER hahah. These are oreo's that I really don't like. I prefer the normal crunchy oreo cookies more. I really don't like the softness of the cookie, the taste of the cookie is mehh (a bit plastic-y), and the inside is just like cream, has a slight green tea flavor (but not enough and it's not bitter), it's pretty sweet and a bit too creamy. The combination is just not good… If you are interested and want to try it too, you can purchase them here (link to product), it comes in a pack of 10 and cost €1,81.

I order this every time again and again when I buy something from Candysan. I munched it all on the same day when the package arrived hahaha.. yes it is that good! These are €0,94 per pack, currently out of stock.

I purchased this powder the last time as well, but I gave it to a friend so I purchased another one for myself. It's green tea powder and they are selling a different version at their shop now too: Katekincha Green Tea. According to the packaging you are able to get 60 cups out of it, but it's definitely NOT 60, because I always need to put a large tablespoon of powder to be able to get some green tea flavor. The price is €3,89 (link to product).

Ohhhh a new kitkat flavour I wanted to try, it's the Hokkaido red bean version! Once you open the packaging you are able to smell the red beans. The first bite was like WOW what a strong red bean taste mixed with milk chocolate (that's the outer layer).. but when you take another bite you won't really notice the red bean flavor anymore (such a pity), then it's just like i'm eating milk chocolate kitkats. However, when you are finished with it, the red bean taste will stay in your mouth (kinda weird huh?). The taste is ok, but I don't think I would repurchase this since it's not that special. It's currently out of stock at Candysan.

This is the second time that I'm purchasing these and I bought two packages since it was that good! I also mentioned these at my current favorites blogpost. It's my favorite kitkat flavor of all time! It's so good! It's a mix of green tea chocolate with a bit of coconut taste to it. LOVE IT! Currently out of stock at Candysan.

These are also kitkats that I will always repurchase again and again. Every time when I'm ordering from Candysan, I just have to buy these too. I LOVE IT and there are 12 packs in it so I think it's worth the money. These are also currently out of stock.

If you are interested visit www.candysan.com and feel free to use my coupon code MEMORABLEDAYS to get 5% OFF at check out. As you can see, lots of items are currently out of stock. Make sure to follow their Facebook page: Candysan, where they will mention when it's in stock again.


note: these snacks were purchased with my own money and this blogpost contains affiliate links. 

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