25 October 2013

HAUL: Japanese Snacks from Candysan #2 + Discount Code

I'm super excited to show you my huge haul haha ^^! Today I'm going to share my second Candysan.com haul. It's one of my favourite websites at the moment. It's a website where you can purchase Japanese snacks for a very affordable price and the shipping costs are reasonable as well. It's my second time purchasing there and I love their service and assortment, so I highly recommend to check their store out if you've got time. In this blogpost I will be showing you what I purchased and I will be sharing my discount code as well!
If you are curious about my previous candysan haul, go to this blogpost

First of all, I just wanted to let you all know, I purchased all of the products in this blogpost with my own money! It's not sponsored or anything. I just really love Candysan.com because of their assortment and i'm super happy that the prices are so low there. The shipping costs are very affordable as compared to other shops!! I definitely will make an order there again and again and again hahah!

Visit their website : www.candysan.com and feel free to use my discount code : MEMORABLEDAYS to get 5% OFF at checkout! This code won't expire so you can use it any time :).

Just like the previous time, it took around 2 weeks until it arrived in The Netherlands. They are shipping from Japan by SAL so it's quite fast actually. The products were all in good state and not expired. The shipping costs all depends on the weight of the package, so the more you're going to order, thus the higher the shipping costs will be.

I'm following them via their facebook page so I always get to see when they have got new products. One day a message popped up and they said that they were selling some new kitkat's! As a huge kitkat lover (with that "gotta taste them all" spirit), I couldn't leave it behind haha. I placed an order and bought a few stuff, check it out!

It looks large in the picture but it really isn't in real life. There are 3 packs in this box and it's sold for €1,37 (link to the product). Once you open the packaging you will smell that sweet scent of strawberries. It has a strong strawberry taste which is very sweet and fresh. I like the combination but 1 pack is really enough per time. I can't eat it all at once since it's very sweet haha.

These aren't the regular kitkat green tea bars, but little bites. It's a small pack with around 15 big little's. The taste is exactly the same as the kitkat green tea bars which i reviewed before. The scent and flavour comes predominantly from the sweet white chocolate. It also has a lovely flavour of matcha green tea, which isn't bitter or strong at all! It's just right and delicious ^^! One pack is sold for €1,29 at candysan (link to the product).

These are squared gummies with an aloe vera flavor. It has a funny squishy *doink doink* texture. I don't really like the taste of it since the taste is a bit chemical. It's sold for €0,95 and there are around 15 gummies inside (link to the product).

Also these gummies have a squishy texture. They don't look like the ones on the packaging though, they are more flat and round. However, i like the taste of these. It has a nice peachy taste. There around 15 gummies inside it. It's sold for €0,95, currently out of stock, but they do have other flavors of this brand which are in stock at the moment (link to the product).

I'm super addicted to pucho! These are candies with small surprises in it. There are around 10 inside each pack. I absolutely love the soda version ^^ and the peach version is nice too. I always buy this when I'm in Hong Kong, you can easily get these at 7/11 there. Pucho is sold at candysan for €0,91 each (link to soda, link to peach).

It's my second time purchasing these. I really love these paw shaped peach gummies! They are squishy and the taste is just right. There are 10 gummies inside it and it's sold for €0,87 (link to the product).

I was hoping that the texture and taste would be similar to the peach version but it totally wasn't. The shape was similar, but the taste was too chemical =/. It's sold for €0,87 at candysan (link to the product).

I love one piece and i love the packaging. I don't want to ruin the packaging so i haven't tried these yet hahaha. These are battle gummies with a fruit flavor. It's currently out of stock at candysan, but they do have other items which are related to One Piece, check it out via this link.

It's my second time purchasing these. These gummies aren't very sweet and that's why i like them. There are 10 gummies in each pack. I purchased 2 of each flavor and it's sold for €0,95 per pack (link to mango, link to peach).

I really love this shop and I will definitely purchase from them again. If you are interested, make sure to visit candysan.com and feel free to use my 5% discount code: MEMORABLEDAYS at checkout! Please message me if the code doesn't work.

note: all products were purchased with my own money, this blogpost contains affiliate links. 
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