13 November 2013

Candysan Package: Japanese Snacks + Discount Code

EEK! Yes another Japanese snacks blogpost! Candysan surprised me with a package full of Japanese snacks a few weeks ago. I didn't know what was inside, so I was so surprised when I opened the package. I always feel like a little kid when I open a package from Candysan hahaha. Who doesn't like snacks right, especially Japanese snacks! Keep on reading to see what they have sent me.
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People who are following me for a while know that I LOVE Japanese snacks. I was so happy when I found this website since it's hard to find an online store where you can purchase Japanese snacks for a low price. I have placed an order at their shop twice already and they were super kind to send me a full box of snacks to try out this time. If you would like to try Japanese snacks, make sure to visit their website: www.candysan.com.

Feel free to use my discount code : MEMORABLEDAYS to get 5% OFF at checkout! This code won't expire so you can use it any time :).


I am sooo happy that i'm able to try these. I actually wanted to purchase these oreo's, but Candysan was one step ahead of me and sent it to me haha. I had never tried the strawberry flavour before. It has a sweet chocolate taste with strawberry flavour to it. It reminds me a bit of the Strawberry kitkats that i will mention in this blogpost later, but it's less sweet compared to those, so yummy! There are 12 mini bars inside and it's sold for $2.93 (link to product). They also sell Oreo Macadamia, would love to try those as well haha (link to product).

I love most of the snacks which has a green tea/matcha taste to it and this isn't an exception. This was the yummiest (is this even a word? haha) snack out of the whole package! These are little biscuits with a layer of green tea chocolate on top of it. The Alfort green tea biscuits are sold for $1.31 (link to product). I'm totally in love with these biscuits and will definitely purchase it when I place an order again.

Kracie has released a new DIY kit which is called chocolate cornets breads. It's a kit that you need to microwave. According to the description it's calcium-rich and without artificial colors or preservatives. Sold at candysan.com for $2.22 (link to product). I personally haven't tried this kit yet, but i've seen a tutorial video on youtube and it looks kinda cute ^^. I love the packaging!

I LOVE PUCHO!! A lot of flavours are available and Candysan was so kind to sent me the Peach flavour, I purchased this one the last time and I love the taste of it. These are small gummies with little surprises inside. You gotta try it when you have the chance. It cost $1.21 and they have a lot of other flavours available, check it out (link to Pucho assortment).

OMG, This is probably the smelliest Pocky i've ever tried, lol... It has a cheese taste with lemon flavour to it. This smelled like rotten cheese, I took one bite but it smelled super bad so i threw it away afterwards. I'm definitely not a fan of these, other Pocky flavours are way better!! Candysan is selling other flavours as well for around $1.77 per pack, check them out (link to Pocky assortment).

New snacks from Lotte! It includes almond, honey and chocolate. It's a very sweet snack that you normally eat while having coffee. It's a bit too sweet for me and it sure is a sugar boost! However the taste is ok, if you like honey, you will probably like this. The packaging is lovely and there are 8 inside one box. It cost $2.02 (link to product).

There are 2 packs in the box. You only need to add hot water and voila! You can dip your fruit or bread in it and you're done. Great for the Winter I would say ^_-. This product isn't sold at their store anymore, not sure if they are going to restock it.

I mentioned these before in my previous candysan haul, I purchased the small pack back then (link to blogpost). I received the large pack this time where there are 12 small packs inside it. It has a very sweet and fresh strawberry taste. I still prefer the green tea version but this one isn't bad as well ^^. It's sold for $3.33 (link to product).

Out of the whole bunch of snacks I love the Oreo strawberry chocolate bars and the green tea biscuits from Alfort the most ^^. Thank you so much Candysan for surprising me with so many goodies. And I hope that I didn't make you too hungry after this blogpost haha. If you are interested visit www.candysan.com and feel free to use my coupon code MEMORABLEDAYS to get 5% OFF at check out.

note: these snacks were sent to me by the company and this blogpost contains affiliate links. 


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