I Bought the Iphone 4s!

Some of you might have seen it already, since I've posted about this on my facebook and twitter before. I've always wanted an Iphone and I finally bought one ^o^ HALLELUJAH! I was sick and tired of my blackberry because the screen was too small, it won't visit all websites, it's actually an ugly phone, it has lame apps and so on.. The only thing what I liked about it was the push e-mail system which is better on the blackberry than on the Iphone. Ahh well, the Iphone has way more benefits and is way more fun to play with than a blackberry. I've added the label: "IPHONE" on my blog, since I will write more blogposts about apps, pictures, accessories for the phone and more .. :). So stay tuned for more blogposts related to the Iphone ^___^. P.s. Follow me on Instagram if you haven't done so:

Are you also an Iphone lover ^^?

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