12 March 2012

Review: Dr. Jart+ Most Moist Water Fuse BB cream

Ohhh I was so curious about this BB cream. I had never tried a BB Cream from Dr. Jart+ before and I heard some mixed feelings about their BB creams. However, I just wanted to test it out myself :). You've probably heard of the Black and Silver Label BB creams of the brand Dr. Jart+ before. However, have you ever heard of the GREEN LABEL? The Green label is called the Most Moist Water Fuse BB cream and is made for people with dry skin. You are even able to see the water drops when you apply it and that's what amazed me the most! A lot of BB creams in the market are made for oily skin, which makes my skin quite dry by the end of the day since my skintype is combination-dry. I was searching for a BB cream which was suitable for dry skin and here it is, YES! LETS TRY IT OUT!


SPF 27 / PA++ Provides sun protection from UV rays. This gentle BB cream enhances skin's natural radiant glow while covering blemishes for a clean, natural finish. Water Holding System uses highly absorbing Sea water, Portulaca oleracea extract and Hyaluronic Acid which helps to maintain the moisture level to leave a dewy and flawless look.

Price and Where to buy?

Dr. Jart BB creams are always so expensive! I got this one from sasa.com and it's sold for $30.50 there. It comes in a tube with 50 ml in it.


Great to see that the BB cream is sealed :).
I absolutely don't like the opening of this BB cream. It's good that it's in a squeeze tube, but do you see that hole? The BB cream will remain there when you squeeze the BB cream out, which makes the cap dirty every time you use it. It sucks that I need to clean it after every usage and it's a waste of your q-tips as well.
The BB cream is suitable for people with a light to medium skintone (MAC 15-25). You are able to see water drops when applying it onto your face. Looks like my skin will be very hydrated after application, but is it hydrating enough? This BB Cream is extremely sheer!!! I bought this to get a natural skintone and to make my skintone look more even. However, this BB cream is just way too sheer, there is barely coverage. There was no use to take a before and after picture because the coverage couldn't even be seen on the pictures T_T". This is such a FAIL product OMG! As you can see in the pictures, the BB cream is a bit orange, but the color will adapt to your own skintone.
It felt slightly hydrating when I had the BB cream on, but when I looked closer I could still see my dry spots. I thought this BB cream would be hydrating enough for my dry spots =.=". It didn't really work after applying one layer. I needed to go over the same spot for 2 times to get that moist effect.
Also, don't put this BB cream on oily areas! My T-zone is always oily since I have a combinated-dry skin. I had put some of this BB cream on it to see what kind of effect it would have. I noticed that my BB cream was smudging really badly at my nose area (oily area), which means that it really won't work on people with an oily skintype. However, the BB cream created a nice natural glow finish on my dry areas.

- Easy to build.
- Gives a natural finish with a natural glow.
- Has SPF 27 PA++
- Doesn't feel cakey after applying a lot of layers.
- BB cream adapts to your skintone.
- Squeeze tube.

- Expensive.
- Hard to get.
- Opening of the packaging gets dirty after every usage.
- Very limited coverage, need to apply 3-4 layers to see some coverage.
- Doesn't even out the skintone very well.
- Can see the BB cream smudging on oily spots.
- Doesn't hydrate the skin when applying one layer.

I only recommend this to people with dry and perfect looking skin, who seeks for very limited coverage. Otherwise, don't buy it!! I read on other websites that it's good to mix this BB cream with the Dr. Jart+ Silver label, since that BB cream is thick and has a better coverage. You can try it out if you have the Silver label at home.
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