02 January 2012

Review: Mentholatum Strawberry Lip Balm

Have you ever bought clothing or products from the kids section before for own use? I'm sure all of us did when we were young, but we won't buy anything there anymore once we're getting older. I usually just look at the OH SO ADORABLE packaging, but won't purchase it after all because it looks too childish. However, sometimes I will make an exception hehehe.. I recently received a strawberry lip balm for KIDS of the brand Mentholatum at Bornprettystore.com. They send it to me for review purposes but this won't have any influence on my opinion of course :). Doesn't the packaging looks cute =^o^=~?!

Description on Bornprettystore
Mentholatum Strawberry Lip Balm gives protection for the lips against harmful sun ray. It´s cooling, moisturizing and it´s good for dry chapped lips all year around. Don't think it's against sun ray though, it doesn't have SPF! lol..

It has an adorable packaging with 3 cute animals on it.. it looks like cats or are they dogs? I don't know, it's just cute hahah.. The whole packaging is Chinese and it's made in China. At the back of the packaging there is a brief description about the lip balm (same text as above) and a list of the ingredients.
The lip balm has a light pink cover, you have to pull that off and twist the bottom to get the lip balm out (just the normal lipstick mechanism). The lip balm is transparent and won't leave a pink color on your lips.

Price and Where to buy?
It's $4.88 at Bornprettystore.com which is quite pricey for a lip balm. However, I think that this lip balm will last for at least 6 months, depends on how often you use it. If you're planning to purchase this item, don't forget to use my coupon code: MDJ61 at checkout to get 7% off ;).  

Delivery time
It only took 10 days until it reached The Netherlands, which is extremely fast since they are sending it from China ^__^.

My opinion: does this lip balm do what it says?
In my opinion it does everything according to the description. But do I like it? I do like it that it's moisturizing and you will be good for 4 hours or so. You do need to re-apply it to keep it moist for the whole day. However, the strawberry scent is a bit overwhelming to me. It smells like strawberry bubblegums which I don't like, but that's just my opinion. Besides, I also don't like the cooling effect. It feels like that my lips are burning or something >.<" not a pleasant feeling at all!!

Will this product be suitable for kids?

Yes, I think it will. It's moist enough for kids and a lot of children like the bubblegum strawberry scent, but they probably will lick it off, because it's yummy to them lol.
As you can see Bornprettystore isn't only selling nail art products, but lip products as well, like lip balms and lip glosses. Check their website out for the whole collection ;).

This product was send to me for review purposes. Thank you Bornprettystore for sponsoring this product ^__^. 
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