31 October 2011

Mummy Nail art tutorial for Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody ^^! Did you went to a Halloween party yesterday or are you still planning to go? Did you had a costume on or what kind of costume on are you planning to wear?! Would be dying to hear your stories since we don't really celebrate Halloween here in The Netherlands x(. Anyways, I thought that it would be fun to show you a Halloween nail art that I did. I know it's a bit last minute but I'm going to post it anyways xD. In this blogpost I'm going to show you my mummy nails that I created for Halloween. It's very easy and you will only need a few equipments. Keep on reading to see the mummy nail art tutorial. Hope you like it ^___^!

29 October 2011

Mini Giveaway: MBD - Earl Grey Tea & Macaron mask

I know that many of you weren't able to buy this mask, since it was from a limited edition collection of the brand My Beauty Diary. I'm going to give away one earl grey tea & macaron mask to one lucky reader and I will add some extra goodies to the prize ^o^. As you can see it's a very very petite giveaway. A bigger giveaway will follow later to celebrate my 500 followers mark =^.^=! What do you have to do to win this mask? Keep on reading if you want to know how to enter this give away....!

28 October 2011

Review: My Beauty Diary - Earl Grey Tea & Macaron

I received the My Beauty Diary - My Sweet Tea Time set a while ago and there were 8 Earl Grey Tea & Macaron sheet masks in it. I've tried it out and this is my review:

26 October 2011

High Tea at Drie Graefjes in Amsterdam

I Love High Tea / Afternoon Tea ^___^ ♥! I recently went to Drie Graefjes in Amsterdam. It's a lovely place to eat lunch and you can also go there with some friends to have an afternoon tea. It costs €22,50 for each person and it was served in four courses, this was the first one: 
Tea sandwiches with mozzarella and different kinds of sauces.

24 October 2011

Review: Biore Resort Pore Pack Black Nose Strips

I've been using nose strips for a long long time. I even reviewed Bioré nose strips before when I just started with my beauty blog in 2010 lol, check out my old review. Today I'm going to review the Bioré Resort pore pack. These nose strips are black and are floral scented!

22 October 2011

Vivi JP magazine, November 2011 issue - mag scans

It took a while to upload this, but the November 2011 Japanese issue of Vivi is finally online ^^.

Enjoy this issue with heaps of beauty tips and get inspired by lots of Fall clothing. Also, enjoy reading the articles about 2PM and Lena Fujii (藤井リナ)!

Have you missed the previous issue? Go to this link:

Would you like to read the whole Vivi November 2011 issue? Click on the link below to download it:

Enjoy everybody ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♥~!

21 October 2011

Cinemagraphs - Moving Pictures

Around mid 2011 I found this website on tumblr which is called: From me to you and the website http://cinemagraphs.com. These two websites are from the same owner. From me to you is a photography blog and sometimes you will see a cinemagraph. These are animated GIF images where only a part is moving. I see more and more pictures on tumblr lately and I'm always surprised that something is moving in the picture while the rest isn't ^^. Here are a few, can you spot the moving parts?:

17 October 2011

Review: FaceQ Red Pomegranate + CoQ10 sheet mask

I've always wanted to try FaceQ masks since I heard a lot about it. I'm used to My Beauty Diary (MBD) masks, so I'm curious how masks of this brand will be ^^. Today I'm going to review the red pomegranate + CoQ10 sheet mask of the brand FaceQ.

15 October 2011

Awesome/ Scary Looks for Halloween - Get inspired!

It's almost Halloween and the scary tutorials on Youtube are coming online one by one. Some are so cute and creative & some scared the hell out of me but are so awesome at the same time. It's a pity that we don't celebrate Halloween in The Netherlands. It would be so much fun to wear a costume of one of our favorite characters ^^. I've found some awesome Halloween make up tutorials on Youtube which I really wanted to share with you guys, just watch:

1. Ryuk make up & costume (death note)
This one is done by Youtuber QueenBeeuty. It was hilarious when I saw it at the first time. It's so scary but awesome at the same time. She really did a good job and I'm sure that it took heaps of time to do this.

14 October 2011

China Glaze - Let It Snow Holiday 2011 Collection

Have you seen the latest China Glaze nail polish collection? It's called the Let it snow holiday 2011 collection and it was launched a month ago, September 2011. China Glaze introduced 12 nail polishes in this collection. These were specifically created with the winter season in mind and you can definitely see that in this collection. In this blogpost I'm going to show you the whole collection, the swatches will be posted soon. Below you will see some close ups/quick views of the nail polishes. There are mostly traditional holiday shades but some very interesting ones as well, like the glittery nail polish, Tinsel Town! Which nail polish do you want me to swatch first ^___^?

12 October 2011

[FREE] Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Sample

As many of you already know, Garnier is selling a BB (Blemish Balm) cream! It's called the Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector. This is the first BB Cream available in drugstores within The Netherlands. It is available in two shades (one for light skin, one for medium skin). Keep on reading everybody! I will explain how you can get a FREE SAMPLE of this BB cream! 

11 October 2011

Review: JUJU Cosmetics - Aquamoist Face Washing Foam

JUJU Cosmetics is a famous Japanese brand with 4 product lines including Aquamoist. Their Aquamoist line is similar to the products of Hada Labo. At least, according to the products that they are selling... I don't know about the quality of the products. However, I have heard so many good things about both brands. Therefore I wanted to try a product of JUJU Cosmetics. I was searching for a good face wash, so I gave the JUJU Cosmetics Aquamoist hyaluronic acid washing foam a try.

09 October 2011


Every day I find some new bloggers while browsing on the internet. There are so many bloggers which I had never heard of but are definitely worth to follow. I'm sure that there are plenty of awesome blogs out here which I missed. Well, this is your chance to promote your own blog on Memorable-days.net! Just leave your name, age, your blog and a short description about your blog in a comment below. If you don't have a blog, you can put some links of your favorite blogger(s) in a comment below. I would love to check them out, it doesn't matter if it's Dutch or English.
I noticed that I have a lot of new followers lately, so it would be fun if you all could introduce yourself. Old followers may also introduce themselves of course ;). It would be fun to get to know you all a bit better and I hope that more and more people will get to know your blog by posting it here.

Feel free to add me on twitter and facebook if you want to ;).

P.S. Don't forget to vote for me 5 times per day: http://video.sasa.com. Contestant: Elisa

07 October 2011

LV & Vivienne Westwood Spring 2012 - Fashion Show

In this blogpost you will see two fashion shows from two popular brands: Louis Vuitton and Vivienne Westwood. They are presenting the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection during the show. Normally I don't share fashion shows on my blog, but these are just WAUW! I just had to share these after I watched it, just watch:

Louis Vuitton - Spring/Summer 2012
Totally love this fashion show, it's so pretty! Did you spot Kate moss XD?

Vivienne Westwood - Spring/Summer 2012
This whole collection is so crazy o_o!

My Beauty Diary - Sleep Concentrate

Everybody should know the brand My Beauty Diary (我的美麗日記) by now since I've posted a lot of blogposts about it on my blog xD. Around March 2011 they introduced the My Tea Time (甜蜜午茶篇) line into the market including an eye make up remover, a scrub and cleansers. Remember my blogpost about it? http://www.memorable-days.net/2011/03/my-beauty-diary-my-tea-time-masks.html. The brand most recently (1st of September 2011) introduced a new range of sleep concentrate gels/ sleeping packs, 3 gels to be exact.

Sleeping masks
These sleeping masks have a jelly texture and can be used for day & night. You can use it as a daily moisturizer or as a sleeping mask at night. It contains the patented ingredient "Aquaxyl™" which instantly will replenish the skin with moisture needs. It helps to leave your skin moisture rich and supple all day long. It comes with 3 kinds of scents (see below).

Prices and Where to buy?
All these products can be purchased at Watsons in Asia, imomoko.com and at Ebay.com. The sleeping packs are $14.99 each and the two mist products are $9.99 each at imomoko.com. I´m sure that these are a  lot cheaper at Watsons.

Rose & White peony sleep concentrate (50 ml)

05 October 2011

I NEED YOUR VOTE - Confessions of a SASAhaulic

As you all know I ♥ SASA.com. It's my favorite website! Sasa.com recently made a contest for all sasahaulics: which is called the confessions of a sasahaulic video contest. Anybody may join, all you have to do is make a haul video about your sasa products, post it on Youtube, submit your entry, vote and share :D. The contest winner will get 1 year free shipping (not shopping lol) on every sasa.com purchase and get a $500 e-coupon. You will also get sponsored products from them for review purposes.

Normally I don't join contests, but because it's sasa I'm giving it a try. I'm only joining for fun and a voice in my head says that there is maybe a small small chance that I will win haha, but I will see how it goes and you never know right=p? However I do need your vote girls/boys, everybody can vote, it will only take a few seconds ^____^! All you have to do is:
Step 1: Go to http://video.sasa.com/main.php.
Step 2: Search for the contestant: Elisa Lee.
Step 3: Click on VOTE and fill in your email and the verification code. (They won't do anything with your email)
Step 4: If you have facebook, please click on LIKE! below my video on the same page.
This is a small print screen:

Hope you can vote for me ^^~! Thank you
It's possible to vote 5 times per day!

04 October 2011

Peek into my life - Random Pictures

Sharing a few pictures today ^^~! People who are following me for a long time know that I have a cute little nephew hehe, he turned 1 already! He's still so adorable ♥! My family and I went to a restaurant to have some dim sum and my sis brought her fujifilm instax camera with her. WEEEE~! Totally love that camera, I'm going to buy one soon hehehehe... Enjoy the pictures ♥!

Lol, my baby nephew is doing the AAAAA face while eating his birthday cake XD


02 October 2011

Crazy Japanese Street Style

I JUST LOVE JAPAN! We all know that Japanese people has the most awesome fashion style xD. It always looks like Halloween there. People are dressing up in the weirdest clothes! I often go to the website tokyofashion.com to look at the street snaps. There are many cute and pretty outfits shown there, but I also see people with the weirdest color/style combination. Check the following outfits out, would you ever wear it?

Meet the Japanese rainbow mad hatter ... would you ever wear this..? This is just so .. wrong!
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