17 October 2011

Review: FaceQ Red Pomegranate + CoQ10 sheet mask

I've always wanted to try FaceQ masks since I heard a lot about it. I'm used to My Beauty Diary (MBD) masks, so I'm curious how masks of this brand will be ^^. Today I'm going to review the red pomegranate + CoQ10 sheet mask of the brand FaceQ.

Face Q Red Pomegranate + Co Q10 Mask Mask is made from 100% wood pulp with silk, it fit your facial contour twice as best as normal paper mask and rapidly infiltrate nourishment for your skin. Red pomegranate and Anthocyanin are two powerful anti-oxidant ingredients. It fights against dullness and dehydration. Chamomile extracts is also added to avoid further dark pigment formulation, helping skin to restore its natural glow. After application your skin will become supple, smooth. It´s suitable for all skin type / dry and delicate skin.
Source: sasa.

- Whitening & Brightening
- Oil control
- Lightening of spots and fine lines
- Anti Oxidant & Regenerating

Price and Where to buy?
This mask can be purchased at Sasa.com. They ship worldwide, so Europeans can buy it there as well. It's $12.60 per box and one box includes 10 masks which means it's $1,26 per mask.

The packaging is very cute ^^. The size of the packaging is slightly smaller than the ones from MBD, but the size of the mask is almost the same. The first thing that I noticed was the adjust-ability of this mask. That´s because of the slits which are all around the edges of this mask. It perfectly contoured itself to my face^^. There was a plastic sheet on the mask as well to keep the serum together (you need to throw that one away ofcourse). Here are a few close ups of the packaging:

Scent and texture
It has a light fruity scent that is pleasant. The material of the mask is soft but very thin, which means that it can easily tear. There was enough serum for my face, but not enough for my neck.

How to use
Unfold the mask delicately. Place the mask on the face starting from forehead and nose bridge and stretch to fit the rest of the face for a perfect fit. Gently lift two sides along the jawline for the lifting action. Relax for 15-20 minutes while pressing the mask softly to enhance absorption. When it's time remove the mask and pat the excessive serum until it's completely absorbed.


My opinion
Repurchase? No..
My first reaction to the mask was that the mask stick to my skin really well. After the 20 minutes my face felt a bit tight and dry which I didn't like. This mask controls oil so that's probably the reason why it felt like that. Instant whitening effect wasn't visible, but I noticed that my face looked brighter and the color was a bit more even. Since I prefer masks which are more hydrated I won't purchase this mask again. This mask is suitable for people that wants brighter and even skin and a bit of firming effect.
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